Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tarped loads

These photos all show tarped loads - a good tarp job is a work of art.

John's 1418 Benz, taken mid 1970s, near West Wyalong, when he was working for Vaughans.

Jim Forrest's Atkinson, early 1970s, Cunningham Highway, near Inglewood.

Fleetway's Leylands, taken late 1960s, at Wallace Road House.

The first truck John ever owned a 1964 K100 Kenworth. Photo taken at Beveridge.

This Loadstar was taken at Fleet Express' Depot in Adelaide, early 1970s. John had just finished loading it in 43 degree heat.

This was taken on the Olympic Way, near Wagga Wagga, when the Murrumbidgee River was in flood.

One of Camerons Kenworths, taken in the early 1970s at Tubbs Hill near Avenel.


  1. Every now and then here (Keysborough)I see a Queensland truck still running a very neat tarped load. Must try to catch a photo of him.

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