Friday, January 14, 2011

Trucks in flood

Australia is awash at the moment (January 2011) with quite severe floods, especially in Queensland. Sadly, floods are nothing new, so here are some trucks in flood photographs.

This was taken by my uncle, Jim Rouse, at Cora Lynn, around October 1962. It was during the construction of the Cora Lynn spillway which was built to syphon flood waters from the Main Drain, or Bunyip River, to the Yallock Outfall drain, which went directly to Western Port Bay. Ironically, the opening of the spillway was delayed by a flood, and this is when this photo was taken. You can just see the goal posts of the Cora Lynn Football ground in the background.

These six photographs of the Murrumbidgee River, at the Olympic Way, at Wagga were taken by John in September 1974, the year of the disastrous Brisbane floods. John was towing for Vaughans at the time and had a K100 Kenworth. They were heading for Brisbane and had been told that the Highway was cut at Naranderra but was still open at Wagga, so they made the dash for Wagga. He was about to cross and, as he was entering the water, a police car pulled up behind him and the policeman started running towards him, waving madly, but John 'failed to notice him' and he was the last truck through. They pulled the 'road closed' barriers around the back of his truck.

Next to the truck, a car is being towed from the flood by a Council front-end loader.

Empty bus shelter on the right, obviously no buses running that day!

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  1. Hi, i am wondering if you have a photo of a blue kenworth flat top in flood waters???