Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Australian Volvo Truck Heritage Group

Good news - there is now an Australian Volvo Truck Heritage Group - for all lovers of old Volvo trucks (and isn't that everyone?). It's part of the Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club website www.hunteroldtrucks.com. Below are some Volvo ads from the early 1970s.

This is an advertisment for the F86 & the G88 which appeared in the July 1971 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine.

Above and below, this is from the May 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine. I wonder what happened to Geoff Nubley and whether he still has the truck?

This page is from the October 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine. The Volvo factory in Wacol opened in June 1972.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dubbo Truck Show 2010

John went to the Dubbo Truck Show, which was on August 7 & 8. I had to work, so he just got himself into interstate truck mode and set off, saw it, stayed a day, then came home in one hit. He hadn't been before, so there were heaps of trucks on display that were new to him. Below is an alphabetically organised look at some of the trucks.

AEC Monarch.

Three Albions, above and the two photographs below.

An Atkinson.

Two Austins, above and below.

A neat Chev, above , below a Commer.

A Dennis fire engine, owned by Steve King, who also had his F86 Volvo on displayed.

Diamond T.

Dodges, above and the two photographs below.

There was a flotilla of Fords on show.

This is owned by Garry and Marilyn Evans of Oberon, we met them at the Alexandra Truck Show in 2008, just after Little Henry, the 1966 Ford was finished.

We are finished with Fords, the photograph above shows a GMC.

This is a Graham Brothers truck.

We believe this is a Hupmobile.

As at most truck shows, Internationals are popular and prolific, and Dubbo was no exception.

A collection of Kenworths, above, and two below.

A 1951 Leyland Comet.

A mob of Macks.

My regular correspondent, Joe, tell me that T-Rex is a Mack with a GM 6-71 engine.

A 1418 Mercedes Benz, one of the few European trucks on show.

A posse of Peterbilts, above and the two photographs below.

This is owned by Rob French.

A Scammell, and because I like it, here it is again below.

Thames Trader.

Above is Steve King's F86 Volvo and another F86 Volvo is below.

Lastly, three Whites. Above is a Road Commander, below is a White Mustang and the bottom photograph shows a Road Boss.

If you want to see our photos from the 2012 Dubbo Truck Show, then click here.