Thursday, April 10, 2014

Melbourne International Truck and Trailer Show 2014

The Melbourne International Truck and Trailer Show was held at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds on April 3rd to 6th 2014. There was a selection of historical vehicles on display, as well as all the new gear. Here are some of the old trucks. 

Two views of our 1976 N1025 Volvo

Jeff Johnston's Volvo

More of Jeff Johnston's fleet - the Ford above and his 1929 Dodge, below. 

Graeme Johnston's Commer Knocker

The third Johnston brother, Robert, had his Bedford on display

Warren Harris came with his AEC with his Karrier on the back


Ian Castle's Chev  is above and his 'Critter' is below

Nice looking 1934 British Chevrolet

Peter Maude's Commer

Ian Coote's three trucks, all shown individually below.

Cootes' Inter

Another Coote's Inter - it has Paul Cootes on the door

Ian Cootes' Kenworth

Diamond Ts - Aldo Marson's is above and Stephen Corstorphan's is below.

Glenn Lancey's Dodge

There were three Linfox trucks on display - this is his Ford

Linfox Inters, above and below.

Fancy 1975 Acco on one of the trade stands

A matching pair of Loadstars - the one above belongs to Keffords - its from 1969 and the trailer is a Fruehauf. 

This is Steve Livermore's Loadstar

Tony Rinaldi's 2244 Mercedes Benz

1927 Inter belonging to Trevor Davis

We love this - saw it at Clunes this year - Barry Dodson's Inter

Another very tidy Inter

Murray Popes 190.

Jack and Mickie Turner had two trucks on display - the L205 and the K5 Inter.

Nice looking Kenworth in TNT colours - because we like it, here are two shots of it.

A Kenworth

Colin Brown's Mack

Les Siddle's Mack

Keffords 1992 Kenworth

Finally - the Shell Morris Commercial

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor Rally 2014

The Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor rally took place on March 15 & 16 2014 at Nyora. Here are a  selection of trucks on display on the Sunday.

Theo Versteden's Austin

Jim Parker's Bedford, above,  and Kelvin Wyatt's is below

A Bedford bus

John Gramlick's Commers

Aldo Marson's Diamond T

Barry Campbell's Dodge, above, and John Fowler's is below

Heather Cameron's Dodge, above, and Glenn Lancey's is below

Andrew and Marion Main's Dodge

Don Cheesman's Ford, above, and Joe Beaumont's is below.

Wayne Henry's Ford.

John Denholm's Inter, above, and Donny McGregor's is below.

John and Bev Ferguson's Inter, above, and Graham Cameron's is below.

John Crawford's Inter is above and Ian Latham's is below.

An Inter in original condition, above. Below is John Nicholson's Scout, with a vintage caravan. 

Anthony Findlay's Kenworth, above, and Vyn Harris' is below

Ken Stephens' Kenworth

Wayne Henry owns the red KW and Vyn Harris owns the blue one.

A pair of Land Rovers - Eric Shingles military one and our Defender (the Defender is not really old - it's a 1997 model - it just looks old)

Warwick Bryce's Leader 

Steve Humphrey's Leyland

A military Mack

Steve Ellis' Mack

Stan Hamilton's Maple Leaf

John Burley's Morris Commercial

Tony Hackett's REO

John Ziebell's Scania

A flash looking Western Star used to cart tractors