Thursday, March 17, 2011

HCVC Ballarat Branch Clunes Truck Show 2011 - Part 2

This is part 2 of our pictures taken at the Clunes Truck show, held on March 13, by the Ballarat Branch of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club. It was a fantastic day. Shown in this post are trucks from Ford to Volvo. Click here to go to my first post which shows all the trucks from AECs to Fargo.

This is our Volvo, the only one on display. It's a great looking truck (and I can say that because this is my blog)

Thornycroft Amazon owned by Terry Burrows.


I hadn't seen a Republic before, until we visited Merv Brunt's collection at Colac and he had three on display. Click here if you want to see photographs of Merv's Republics.

A Peterbilt.

An Oshkosh. Before I got into old trucks I used to think Oshkosh was just a range of children's clothing, but know I know they are also trucks. Oshkosh first started making trucks in 1917 as the Wisconsin Duplex Auto Company and in 1918 moved to the town of Oshkosh and changed their name to Oshkosh Motor Truck Manufacturing Company. According to their website they are one of the world's leading defence vehicle manufacturers. In case you are wondering the town of Oshkosh was named after Oshkosh the Menominee Chief (1795-1858). The name means "claw" or "nail" or "horny part of foot of beasts or birds".

Two neat Morris Commercials, above and below.

The only Mercedes Benz on display - a 1418. It looked fantastic. This truck plus our Volvo and the little Citroen van shown in the first post took the European truck count to three.

This is an R-model Mack.

There were three B-model Macks on show, the one above belongs to Rod Calleja, who also displayed his Diamond REO.

Two more B-model Macks.

Two W-model Kenworths.

Vyn Harris and son Simon came up from Drouin in their 1980 Kenworth.

Another W-model Kenworth.

International Transtar.

There were four International R190s on show. John has a soft spot for these trucks as the first full-time Interstate truck he ever drove was an R190. He drove it for MacFies. He had driven interstate before this, but on 'relay' where a truck had more one driver, but the R190 was his first truck of his own. John says the R190s were the King of the Road in the early to mid 1960s.

Two other great looking R190s.

This R190 had a twin steer K7 on the back, which attracted a lot of attention.

International R180.

Inter C1800 with a Cummins engine.

Inter AS130.

ACCO with a V8 GM 'fuel pincher' engine.

Jailbar Ford.

Ford F700.

Don McGregor's 1960 Ford F500.

Russell Marshall's 1941 Ford, in a line-up of other 1940 vehicles.

Ford F250 and a Dodge.

More Fords on differing ages and models, above and the next five photos below.

This unrestored Ford attracted a lot of interest. It just shows that restored or unrestored - it doesn't matter, every truck is interesting in it's own way and has a story behind it.

If you want to see the rest of our Clunes photographs (AEC's to Fargo) then click here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

HCVC Ballarat Branch Clunes Truck Show 2011 - Part 1

We took the Volvo up to the Clunes Show Grounds for the inaugural truck show organized by the Ballarat Branch of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club. It was a great show - the venue was good and there were heaps of trucks we hadn't seen before, so we had a fabulous day and the Ballarat Branch put on a great show. This post shows all the trucks from Fargo to AEC, and the next post will show the rest of the alphabet, from Ford to Volvo.

Because we arrived together, I will start off with this picture of Rod Calleja's B-model Mack and Diamond REO and our Volvo.

A neat little Fargo, the only Fargo on display.

Two Dodge Brothers in varying stages of restoration.

A close up of the Dodge Brothers grille badge, interesting use of a Star of David - apparently used between 1914 and 1927 or 1912 to 1938, whatever web site you want to believe.

Bill and Pat O'Halloran's 1975 Dodge.

More Dodges.

How cute are these two? They are like little Play School trucks.

This unrestored Diamond T (above) had a lot of interest, as did Stephen Corstorphan's fully restored one, shown below.

Another Diamond T which also attracted a lot of admiration.

Rod Calleja's Diamond REO, previously owned by Fred Love of Morwell (above) and another great Diamond REO below.

Two Commer Knockers, the one below is the last of the line.

A Citroen. It is painted up as 'Clocks Award winning sandwich shop London SW19'. There are also clocks painted on the front wheels. What a great looking display this is. This Citroen, our Volvo and a 1418 Benz which you will see in the next post took the European Truck count to three.

Chevrolets - of all descriptions.

Chev and an Inter - maybe an AR140.

More Chevs, above and below.

1929 Chev

Another great looking Chev.

Dave Horne's British Bedford, next to a British Chevrolet. A good looking duo.

A TK and a J-model Bedford.

More Bedfords, a J2-model below.

More neat looking Bedfords, above and below.

J-model Bedford.

1946 Austin K6 and the trailer is shown below.

Fred and Val Bignell's Austins (above and below)

Two Albions. The one above is owned by Murray Pope and, the one below, is an Albion Chieftain.

An AEC Marshall, with some Leyland embellishment. Below is Warren Harris' AEC.

Finally - two mystery trucks - a Fire engine of unknown make and a partially restored wooden cab truck, also of unknown make.

Click here to see more photographs of the Clunes Truck show - from Fords to Volvo.