Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spirit of Warragul train and vehicle display

The Spirit of Warragul A2 986 steam locomotive, returned to Warragul on May 13 2017.  It was on display at a park in Warragul from 1964 to 1986 then for the next 31 years it was restored by Steamrail Victoria. To celebrate the inaugural run of the train there was display of vehicles - traction engines, cars, tractors and trucks - in Warragul near the railway station.  After the train left Warragul it continued on to Traralgon and then returned to Melbourne later that day.

This is the Spirit of Warragul  taken between Yarragon and Trafalgar.

Not often you see a traction engine in Warragul

There were three steam traction engines at the display

This is a bit of an ordinary photo, but best we could get.

I like this photo - I love the steam

Des and Julie Walker's Diamond T

Is this a Model T?

Graham and Nancy Young's Bedford

A Leyland

Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf


Ton and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO Gold Comet

Ken Stephen's Inter and tractor

Another Inter

Line up

John Nicholson and his 1963 Scout - he has owned it since new

A neat looking Dodge

Neat looking Morris

Heather Cameron's Ford Escort van

This is the first time I have put a street rod up on my blog - this is Doug Hamilton's (his dad, Stan, owns the Maple Leaf)

Couple of military vehicles

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Harden Vintage Truck and Tractor Display 2017

John took the 1989 Volvo N12 Intercooler, the 1973 Volvo F86 and the 1974 1418 Mercedes Benz up to the Harden Historic Truck and Tractor Club 4th annual Display Day on Sunday March 19, 2017. There were about 90 to 100 trucks - some historic,some modern, some working trucks plus tractors and cars. Here are most of the trucks which were on display and some historic ambulances. One feature of this show was that Volvo's out numbered Macks - there were 6 Volvos and only 2 Macks! In fact, even Mercedes Benz's outnumbered the Macks - there were four of them. If you attend many truck shows you would know that this is a very unusual event!

Loaded up at home ready to leave

1974 Mercedes Benz 1418 - I was very excited to win  the trophy for 'Best Classic Truck'

Here's the trophy! We also won 40 litres of engine oil from the Harden Oil Company 
www.hocl-oils.com.au a sponsor of the show.

1989 Volvo N12 Intercooler

1973 Volvo F86 - previously owned by Don McRae of Temora. John spent quite a few hours with Don and his wife, Norma, at the show.

Our trucks and Greg and Les Bird's 1986 Mercedes Benz 1425

Greg and Les Bird's 1986 Mercedes Benz 1425

Graeme Troutbeck's FL10 Volvo

Volvo line-up

Graeme Troutbeck's 1972 F86 Volvo


J-model Bedford

KM Bedford

TK Bedford

This is  a bus, owned by Ken McKay, and he very kindly took John and others back to the motel and then picked them up the next morning.





Dodge - we like it so much, you see it twice. It is very neat.


Fire Engine 1

Fire Engine 2

Fire Engine 3

Fire Engine 4

Two vintage Fords



Ford LTL


Ford LTL



 International - C-line

International - Transtar 4300

 International - C-line

 International - AA160

 International - D-line

International Eagle

International - Transtar 4700

International Acco

 International - C-line

 International - D-line

 International - Acco

International - S-line

International - R190

 International Acco

 International  Acco

International - S-line. Pretty ordinary photo - bit over exposed.

International - D- line

International AB

1951 Kenworth








Tegra Concrete, Quarry and Landscape  had their fleet on display -  Kenworth with tri-axle tipper

Tegra's Kenworth with quad tipper

Tegra's Kenworth with quad dog

Tegra's Kenworth 19m B-double with pneumatic tankers

Tegra's Concrete agitator - it's an Iveco






1967 Kenworth

Mack - F model

Mack Flintstone

Mercedes Benz 1418

Mercedes Benz 1418 (but has a replacement bonnet with 1924 badges, so the story goes)


Volvo F86

Volvo G88

Western Star

White Road Commander

A few trucks in the Grand Parade


Ambulance 1

Ambulance 2

Ambulance 3

Ambulance 4

All the Ambulances