Monday, November 28, 2016

Trucks in Action 2008

I came across my photos taken in 2008 at Trucks in Action at Lardner Park held on February 15 to 17, 2008, so here they are on my blog, nearly nine years after the event! The Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club co-ordinated the historic truck display and there were about 165 historic vehicles, including about 145 trucks and light commercials and 20 assorted other vehicles including an ambulance, a caravan, tractors, bull dozers and buses. Not all the vehicles are here, I clearly wasn't as obsessive about taking a photo of every truck like I am now! It was our first outing for our 1974 1418 Mercedes Benz - it was still red, we hadn't repainted it back to it's original green.

This is Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T in front of the old garage facade the Truck Club used to own - it's a great display, but I think it is  now at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection at the Maffra Shed.

Here's our 1974 N10 Volvo, bit dusty.

This is our 1974 1418 Mercedes Benz,  we purchased it in June 2007 and did the things that were required to get  a road worthy and then did the whole truck up and made it beautiful  in 2011.

John Patrick's 1970 TK Bedford stock crate, Stan Hamilton's red and black 1946 Maple Leaf, Ian Latham's 1949 Fargo, Bob Lee's 1941 Ford and  a 1934 Fargo

An overview, second from right is the late Graeme Latter's 1954 R180 Inter

An overview

Joe Beaumont's 1942 and 1934 Fords, then Gary O'Keefe's 1972 red Dodge and 1975 green Dodge

F700 Ford, then John Ferguson's 1949 KB6 Inter and his 1948 KB3 Inter, then John Nicholson's blue Scout

1971 Albion winch truck

Atkinson - 1970 model, Gardner engine

Dave Negrin's 1977 Atkinson

Theo Versteden's 1963 Austin

Theo Versteden's 1960 Austin fire truck, 1942 Ford Blitz and a 1963 Austin

The grey truck is an Austin

Max O'Brien's 1969 KM Bedford

Michael Martin's 1973 Bedford

John Fowler's 1965 J5 Bedford

Andrew McIntosh's 1942 Chev Blitz

Brian Dawes 1932 British Chevrolet

Dallas Needham's 1946 Chevrolet

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer, not  a great photo, as you can see our Benz was the real subject of the photo

Ian Lee's 1956 Diamond T

Fred Love's 1971 Diamond REO - great truck - now owned by Rod Calleja - here it is twice.

Terry Malady's Diamond REO - another great truck

Gary O'Keefe's 1975 Dodge

John Fowler's 1947 Dodge

Max Devlin's 1928 Dodge

Ian Latham's 1949 Fargo, Bob Lee's 1941 Ford and then Ian Latham's 1949 Morris Commercial

This is nice - Brendan Malone's 1959 Ford F500

John Denholm's 1979 D-series Ford tipper

A blue Inter, the late Bill O'Halloran's 1975 Dodge, Bill Sedgeman's 1975 F350 Ford

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford, 1939 Ford and Gary O'Keefe's 1972 Dodge

Ivan Howard's 1946 GMC

Jim and Delsa Bury's 1947 GMC and Wayne Roots' 1957 Austin fire engine

1932 British Chev, 1963 Austin and a 1926 Chevrolet tray truck also belonging to Theo Versteden

Fred Nuttall's 1944 International KS5

Fred Black's 1970 C1800 International Acco

An International

Ian Latham's 1976 International and Mick Black's B-model Mack and an O-model Bedford on the back

Jason Downs' 1935 International

Wayne Henry's 1967 CD1840 International

Ron Knight's 1976 SAR Kenworth and Ken Stephen's 1969 S2 Kenworth

Bobby Imach's 1984 W-model Kenworth - all the way from Tasmania

Gary Jones 1972 W-model Kenworth

Murray Langford's 1969 W-model Kenworth - all the way from Mt Gambier

This is Murray's 1959 White Mustang towing a 1960 Wolleng float

Gavin Spence's 1969 W-model Kenworth and and Tony Lewellyn's SAR Kenworth

Gavin Piller's 1973 W-model Kenworth from South Australia

And this is Gavin Piller's  1964 B-model Mack

Matt Willis' 1971 F-model Mack and his 1980 Mack all the way from Henty in New South Wales and Jack Apps' 1975 Atkinson

B-model Mack

Jim and Delsa Bury's 1947 Maple Leaf

Graham Cameron's 1943 Lend Lease, the first owner was John Lloyd of Narre Warren and the second owner was Ian pask

Eric Shingle's 1974 1418 Mercedes Benz and again, below.

Michael Martin's 1973 1418 Mercedes Benz

Gary Aitken's 1973 1418 Mercedes Benz

Ian James' 1948 Morris Commercial and 1950 caravan

Robert French's 1964 Peterbilt and Jason Jones' 1982 Mack Superliner

Robert French's 1946 Peterbilt, and shown again below, because I like it

Tony Hackett's 1966 REO

Tony Hackett's 1952 REO and Barry Neilson's 1965 White

Here's Tony Hackett's three REOs (the blue one is a 1957 model) and Barry Neilson's White

Terry Burrow's Thornycroft Amazon Ballast tractor

This is Terry Burrow's 1953 Vulcan with a 4 cylinder Gardner, above and below