Sunday, December 3, 2017

Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club Christmas Party 2017

The Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club held their Christmas Party today (December 3, 2017) at the Darnum Public Hall. Here are the historic vehicles which were displayed. It was a bit of an overcast day, after two days of heavy rain, so the weather kept a few trucks away (including ours - the Volvos don't like getting wet)

Only European truck there - Kevin Siddle's 1983 V1425 Mercedes Benz 

Only Asian historic commercial vehicle - Ian James' 1966 Totoya Stout

Don Barrett's 1971 International C1800

Jarrod Blair's International ACCO 

John Burley's 1954 International R180. This used to be owned by our club member, the late Graeme Latter.

Graham Young's 1947 Bedford OL

Frank Strickland's 1962 J-model Bedford

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer and 1950 McGrath trailer

Stan Hamilton's 1969 Ford F250

Alan McCormack's B-model Mack

Steve Ellis' B-model Mack

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Heyfield Vintage Machinery Rally 2017

John went for a trip to the Heyfield Vintage Machinery Rally held by the Heyfield & District Vintage Machinery Group on May 20 and 21 2017. Here are some of the trucks and steam engines that were on display on the Sunday.

The line-up of trucks

Mike Herbert's 1962 Austin fire engine

Neat J-model Bedford

Bob Needham's great looking 1953 Bedford

TK Bedford

J-model Bedfords - above and below

John Gramlick's Commer duo - the 1961 Knocker and his 1970 van, below.

Fred Love's 1967 Diamond T

Des Walker's Diamond T - he had his other Diamond on the trailer.

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T

Heather Cameron's 1965 Dodge

Another Dodge

Graham and Judy Johnston's Dodge

Andrew and Marian Main's 1964 Dodge

Max Devlin's 1948 Dodge

This is a Fargo

Neat Ford Louisville

Another neat Ford Louisville LNT

One more neat Ford Louisville, owned by Rod Pretty

Jeff Johnston's Ford and his 1929 Dodge

San Hamilton's 1969 Ford 

Above and below - T-models or A-models? Don't know.

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford

International S-line. Very nice.

International Transtar 4300

Ray Black's 1970 International C1800 Acco

Keith Wallace's 1963 International

John Nicholson's 1965 International AB 

International D-line

Ian Latham's 1976 International

Brian Lenz's 1946 International K3

International Transtar

Ted and Phyllis Bould's  1978 Kenworth



Alan and Ros Peck's 1986 Kenworth


Very neat Mack Superliner

John Burley's 1949 Morris Commercial

Vyn Harris' 1948 Morris Commercial


Tony and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO Gold Comet

John Ziebell's 1983 Scania

Leigh Sheild's 1945 Studebaker

Rob Tylee's F12 Volvo and Maple Leaf

Steam engines

Steam Traction engine

Steam Traction engine

Steam Traction engine

Steam Traction engine