Saturday, April 6, 2013

Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor Show, Nyora 2013

The Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor Rally was held at TGS Sand Quarry at Nyora on March 16 and 17. It's  a great event - historic tractor pull, working horses and a display of old trucks and cars, amongst other attractions. Click here for the website of the Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor Club.

I have to start with our trucks , the 1976 N1025 Volvo and our 1418 Benz.

This is Heather Cameron's Dodge - it's a 1965 AT4 460. They are a his and her Dodge family, Graham's 1971 700 series, is below.

These three Inters are all owned by a chap from Dimboola. Dimboola  to Nyora, according to Google maps in 430 kms, so that was a good effort, coming all that way.

Above and below, the two other Dimboola trucks.

This Bedford came all the way from Strathalbyn in South Australia, about 790 kms according to Google maps, so another great effort. It's an S-model Bedford.

Kelvin Wyatt's J-model Bedford.

This is a Fargo, don't know who owns it.

O'Farrells L9000 Ford.

A jail bar Ford.

1975 F350 Ford owned by Bill Sedgman.

Here's another Ford, owned by Wayne Henry.

Jeep, owned by Ken Stephens, since new.

Warwick Bryce's Leader.

Steve Camilleri standing with his Commer.

You've seen these before, but John Gramlick comes to everything, and his Commers are always very popular with the public.

Here are some Internationals - Graham Gray's is above and Ian Latham's is below.

More Inters - John Crawford's is above - it's a 1974 D1610. John Denholm's is below -  it's a 1962 AB180.

Wayne Henry's 1967 CD1840 Inter, above. The one below another C-line from 1967.

To round off the Inters - John and Bev Ferguson's seriously great looking 1949 KB6. 

Vyn Harris' 1978 Kenworth crane truck.

Steve Humphrey's Leyland Marathon.

Eric Shingle's 1974 Benz.

Colin Brown's R-model Mack.

John Ziebell's Scania.

An old Austin.

Brian Dawe's Dodge, above, and Glenn Lancey's 1977 Dodge, below.

And another Dodge, John Fowler's 1947 model.

There were three Steam Traction engines at the Rally. 

This is a Cowley Steam Roller.

There were two tanks - the one below is owned by Warwick Bryce.

Here are some of the cars on display.

And finally, as the name of the Rally, suggests, there were tractors

More tractors, and working horses.