Friday, April 29, 2011

1418 Mercedes Benz

The first truck John ever purchased was a second hand 1964 Kenworth, which proved to be a bit of a financial disaster, so the next truck he acquired was a brand new cab-over 1418 LPS Mercedes Benz. It is shown in the picture, below, waiting to be picked up from Lanes Motors in Plummer Street, Port Melbourne. This particular truck was one of the last of 1418 cab overs, they were being replaced by the then new V-series. The white and green truck and the tan truck are both V-series. All these photographs were taken in the mid 1970s.

John Finnerty, salesman, with John Arnold.
Working for Vaughans. Above and below, taken near West Wyalong, whilst en route to Brisbane.

Taken near Glen Inness, also en route to Brisbane.
Working for Complete Auto Transit, CATS. Taken on the Newell Highway.
John still working for CATS.

Taken in Lidcombe in Sydney, in the driveway of Ford's manufacturing plant. Trailer built by Helmut Runge Engineering,

Truck painted up in Clark Sheilds Transport colours.

Car carrier unit modified to carry eight cars.
Taken at Strathmerton.

More photographs of this car carrier can be seen here.

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