Friday, November 18, 2011

Princes Highway - Hallam and Berwick

If you ever drove the Princes Highway from Dandenong to Gippsland then here are a few photographs from the 1950s to bring back memories.

This is Stoopman Motors in Hallam, on the Dandenong side of the Hallam Hotel.

This is High Street in Berwick (as seen from Gloucester Avenue). Apparently that's Series 2 Land Rover. The photograph, below, is also of High Street - looking east. That's the Berwick Inn, the earliest parts of the building date from 1857.
The Princes Highway climbed up through the Berwick hill, eastbound, and John described it as 'bad going up, but terrifying coming down'. This 'exciting' stretch of road was by-passed when the Berwick by-pass opened December 14, 1983.

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