Saturday, April 7, 2012

Melbourne International Truck Show 2012

The Melbourne International Truck Show was held at the Melbourne Show grounds from March 15 to March 17. This year, for the first time, they also had an historic truck display, organised by Mick Best of Linfox. The historic trucks were spread around the grounds in various spots; there were 21 trucks in all and they created an enormous amount of interest.

Jim and Stephen Corstorphan's 1965 International R200 is above and their equally magnificent 1957 Diamond T is below.

Lindsay Fox had three trucks on dipslay - above is the Courage Brewery International C1800 Acco and below is the Ford F500.

The Linfox R190. The three Linfox trucks are all great looking trucks.

Rod Calleja displayed his 1984 Mack Superliner and the 1964 B-model.

Ian Lee had his Princess Diana Diamond T and Mack LTL.

Cootes' S2 Kenworth.

Tony Spooner's neat Dodge 700.

Jack and Mickie Turner's Internationals - 1940 KS5 and the1952 L205

A Peugeot pick-up.

Terry Burrows had a quintet of quintessentially English trucks on display.

1949 Albion Chieftan.

1954 FG Foden.

1952 Vulcan.

1955 Leyland Octopus.

1948 Thornycroft Amazon ballast tractor - because I like it so much here it is from two different angles.

And here they all are once again - what a great line-up.

And finally, here they are - the 1976 N1025 Volvo and the 1974 LS 1418 Mercedes Benz.

And here's the Benz and and the Volvo again.

Clunes Truck Show 2012 - European and English trucks.

We went to the Ballarat branch of the H.C.V. C's Display Day at the Clunes Show ground on March 11, 2012. It is a great show, one of the best. Here are the European and English trucks and some buses. To see the Internationals on display, click here. To see the rest of the American trucks, click here.

Here's the Volvo and the Freighter trailer. It's a beautiful sight.


I can't remember what this is - it used to belong to the S.E.C.

Murray Langford's Scania.

Apparently this is a Renault.

A very neat Morris Commercial.

Another Morris Commercial.

Above and below, two other very nice Morris Commercials.

There were four Commer Knockers on display.

A 1418 Benz, and Herbie Voight's Benz is below.

A Bedford, and another old one below.

A TK Bedford.

More Bedfords.

This is a great looking Austin.

The Golden Fleece Austin.

Red Austin 1.

Red Austin 2.

Red Austin 3.



Warren Harris' AEC Militant and it's small companion.

Three buses - an International, above. A Freighter and a Flexi Clipper below.

To see the Internationals on display, click here. To see the rest of the American trucks, click here.