Friday, October 7, 2011

Last of the Chrome Bumpers 2011

The Last of the Chrome Bumpers Show has moved from Cora Lynn to Lardner Park at Warragul, because it just got too big for the Cora Lynn Recreation Reserve. There were a squillion cars there - every make, model etc you could think of - plus a few trucks. Here are some of the truck photos, mainly different ones that I haven't featured in my blog before.

An Austin, above, and a Bedford below. The Bedford is owned by Robert Johnston.

A Chev pick-up and, below, a Dodge pick-up.

A nicely restored fire engine. Photograph by Eric Shingles.

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford and 1946 Chev.

1957 AS-120 Inter and Geoff East's AB100 Inter.

Leyland Octopus belonging to Terry Burrows.

Leyland with an angle door cab.

Overview of some of the cars.

1980 911 that is owned by Mercedes Benz – it was restored at great cost by the Adelaide branch, but now resides in Melbourne. Unfortunately it was not taken off the back of the tilt tray that brought it so it wasn’t shown to its full advantage, but despite this, because it's a Benz, I will give you two looks at it.

Our Benz and Eric Shingles 1974 1418. And just to keep Eric happy, below is a picture of Eric's Massey Ferguson tractor.

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  1. the merc 911 4wd is a joy to see after all those years on the road, most are 1964 models, am surprised to see it stated as 1980 model.
    was production still going on in the 80s?
    where can i find a used 911 engine,bonnnet and gearbox to restore mine, an ex army?
    ps share info and guide me the possible sources.