Monday, May 23, 2011

Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster 2011 - part 2

In this post are the American trucks which were on display at the Hunter Valley Vintage Truck muster. Click here to see all the English and European trucks, including our Volvo and 1418 Benz.

Above is a neat 1958 Chev and a C60 Chev is shown below.

Another Chevrolet, above.
The Diamond REO, above, is owned by Rod Calleja, from Melbourne. It was originally owned by Fred Love of Morwell and is a familiar sight to those who have frequented Gippsland Truck shows.

A Diamond T, above.

This 1958 Dodge came all the way from Mount Gambier. It is owned by Alistair Armstrong.

Above, a Dodge and an International.

This is a fabulous Ford, a great restoration.

Model A Ford (above) and two more Fords, below.

A Model T Ford, above, and a Ford tipper, below.

A Ford 500, above and a 600 below.

Ford V8.

An AA110 or 120 International, above. Below is an AL 120. I must get into the habit of writing down the model numbers, because there seems to be a gazillion different International models.

Two really old Internationals, above and below.

An Inter D1310, above. Below, is another old Inter.

An R180, above and an R190, below.

Blue is my favourite colour, so I love this AR120.

Two more Inters. The one on the right is a KB3, owned by Ed Eminson of Dubbo.

Murray Langford's W-model Kenworth, all the way from Mount Gambier.

Paddy Ward from Orange had a W-model Kenworth and a 'shovel nosed' Kenworth, below.

Another Kenworth, above.

Rod Calleja's B-model Mack, above, and another B-model, below.

Another B-model and a Superliner Mack.

A Superliner, a B-model Mack and a W-model Kenworth.

An R-model Mack, above. The yellow one, below, is a Flintstone Mack.

Two more R-model Macks, above.

Paul Harrison Transport, had a whole 'fruit salad' of trucks on display, including a Volvo, a Morris Commercial and some Bedfords. He also had the three Macks, above, an R-model and two B-models.

An Oshkosh.

Peterbilts, above and below.

A White Tipper.

There was a good display of restored Fire Engines, shown above and in the next two photographs.

Finally, I want a Road Train. How fantastic is this. It's not a vintage truck, but it got a heap of attention. Darren Peak owns it. Click here to see all the European and English trucks on display.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster 2011 - part 1

We took the Volvo and the 1418 Benz to the Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster, held on May 14 & 15 at the old Pelaw Main coal mine at Kurri Kurri in New South Wales. The event was organised by the Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club (HVCCVC) It was perfect weather and we had a great time. The highlight of the show was the fact that for the first time ever Volvos outnumbered Kenworths, in fact Benzs also outnumbered Kenworths. The total European truck count was a massive ten! This was a show where English and European trucks dominated. In this post I will show you the European and English trucks and in the next post the American trucks. I will start off with our 1976 N1025 Volvo and our 38ft Freighter trailer.

Our 1974 1418 Benz on the Freighter trailer.

It's a beautiful sight. We bought the Benz in June 2007 and this was it's first trip, since it left the paint shop. The green is the original Nestles colour. It was painted up by Robbie at Victorian Truck Painting in Dandenong South. If you want a good painter, then he's the one.

There were four other historic Volvos on display - it was very exciting as we are usually the only one. There was also a flash new 600hp model.

This is the F86, the earliest Volvo model in Australia. The truck below, owned by Steve King, is a later model F86.

This is an F88 model and the green one below is a F7. For more information on Volvo trucks click here to go to the Australian Volvo Truck Heritage Group web site.

A Thornycroft and a Leyland.

Smiths was a local carrier and the fleet has been saved by HVCCVC members. The trucks made a great display.

Andrew Blacklock's Scammell.

Morris Commercial. It's cute, isn't it?.

A Leyland, another Smith's truck.

Frank La Torre's Foden, a familiar sight to those who frequent historic truck shows in Victoria. It's painted Boral colours.

Above and below, two neat Commers.

There were four other Benzs apart from ours. Above and below are 1924 models.

A 1419, above, also once part of the Smiths group and a 1418 below, owned by Ian Bartholomew.

Bedfords - a pair of TKs above and a neat little red one, below.

Another familiar sight on the historic truck circuit - David Horne's 1934 British Bedford. He drove it all the way up from Croydon in Melbourne and it doesn't even have any glass in the windows.

A trio of Austins.

A duo of Atkinsons, above and below.

There were three Albions on display (above and below)

A 1912 Albion, above. How fabulous is that paint job?

If you are a fan of AECs then this was the show for you. There are five in the line-up, above.

AEC Mammoth Major, above.

A 1964 AEC Mandator.

AEC Matador, above, and a Mammoth Major, below.

Lastly, another Smiths vehicle, a Monarch Mark VI. Click here to see all the American trucks on display.