Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sandown Display Day 2011

Finally, here are my pictures of of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Clubs 2011 Display Day at Sandown racecourse on November 27. We have  a very fancy SLR camera, sadly we had it on the wrong setting for the overcast day that it was and so they all turned out dismallly, and I didn't  even want  to look at them for ages. However, with the benefit of Photoshop, they have been lightened up a bit to make them ok. Really, the main reason I wanted to post the photographs was because we had the Volvo on the Display Day badge and that was very exciting. I am sure they will become a sought after collector's item.  You can see it above.  Anyway, here are some photos of some of the trucks.

Warwick Harris's AEC and, below, is the much smaller truck that was on the back of it.

An Atkinson, above, and Ian Latham's Austin fire truck below.

A Bedford and a C1300 International.
Robert Johnston's Bedford is above. Below is another Bedford and Brian Dawes' Dodge.

Another Bedford and another C1300 Inter. Seriously, people should not be allowed to put their bonnets up like this as it ruins my pictures.
Another Bedford and Donny McGregor's Ford.

Steve de Longville owns this groovy, yellow Bedford and Graeme Johnston owns the TK Bedford, below.

A 1951 Bedford
This is our Benz and there are three other Benzs below.

Mick Black's Mack and the Benz again.
A British Bedford.
Here are a few of the buses that were on display.

Ian Clark's 1939 Chev and a  1946 Ford.
Kevin Oates' 1925 Chev
A Chev utility and Ian Castles' very glamourous red Chev, below

Another red Chev
Commers were common at the the show, here are six photographs

Two Diamond REO's  - Fred Love's truck now owned by Rod Calleja
Two red Dodges and some other Dodges in the next three photos

1939 Fargo, above, and Ian Latham's Fargo is below

Terry Burrow's Foden and Leyland Octopus
A very neat Ford, above. Below, are a heap of Fords of all different eras and models.

Stephen Corstoprhan's Ford and Diamond T
Jack and Mickie Turner's Ford

This is  a Fordson and the red one is a very neat International, which I think came all the way from New South Wales.
GMC - above and below

Internationals of all descriptions
Ken Whitworth's fire engine
An Inter and a Morris

Inter and two Dodges
Stephen Corstorphan's R200
Linfox's R190

Jack and Mickie Turner's KS5 Inter and their L205 Inter, below, which won the President's award at the show


Kenworth and George Pyers' Inter

Warwick Bryce's Leader and a Kenworth
Three Leylands

Kevin Sim's Mack

Rod Calleja's Superliner
Cameron Calleja's Mack
Rod Calleja's B-model

Two Morris vans

John Burley's Morris Commercial, all the way from Maffra
Two REO Speed wagons

A REO bus
Here's the Volvo

And here's a White

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