Monday, June 11, 2012

Opening of CMV Albury Wodonga May 2012

We were invited to take the Volvo up to the opening of CMV Albury Wodonga on May 11 and 12. They had  a dinner on the Friday night and an open day on the Saturday. Rod Calleja drove his Mack Superliner with his B-model and our Volvo on the back. There was a display of both old and new Volvos and Macks - here are some photographs.

Volvo F86 - owned by Crawfords, who own CMV, as is the G88 below.

Volvo G88

Our 1976 N-series Volvo

W.Thompson and Sons N-series.

The two N-series.

Rod Calleja's 1964 B-model Mack 

Another 1964 B-model Mack.

1967 Flintstone, or R-model.

1971 F-model Mack.

Rod Calleja's 1984 Superliner.

And it is a dealership, so they naturally had a line-up of new Volvos and Macks.

 As part of the Saturday entertainment for the children, they had a Disney promotional van, towed by a Mack.

On the way home - these were taken at Euroa.


  1. The red 1967 R-615 (yes, it is a R-615) V8 and the blue and white 1971 F-Model are owned by the Willis family of Henty in NSW

  2. The red v8 Mack Flintstone 1967 owned by Dave Willis,
    Was it originally owned by Ken Barnett from Tasmania?

  3. What dose CMV stand for?

  4. Commercial Motor Vehicles. It was established in 1934.