Sunday, June 10, 2012

Federation Picnic at Pakenham 2012

The Federation Picnic, was hosted by the Dandenong Valley Car Club and was held at the Pakenham racecourse on April 15. There were around 300 exhibits, most of which were cars of all makes and models and there was a small contingent of trucks.

 This is  a 1979 Acco 1710B fire truck from the Fire Services Museum collection. 

Two REOS, Tony & Glenys Hackett's Gold Comet and a Speedwagon, shown below.

 Ian James' Morris Commercial and caravan.

Stan Hamilton and his Maple Leaf and Sam Capes and his De Soto are regulars at the Pakenham Picnic.

  Another Pakenham Picnic regular is Ian Chatfield  and his 1939 Chev. 

 A neat Fargo utility.

A 1939 Chev, towing a Furphy tank, which was a very stylish display and won the best commercial vehicle award. Owned by Ian Clark.

Some Fergie tractors.

And finally, here is the Benz. It's a great venue, the Pakenham Racecourse, sadly it has been sold and they are moving to  a  new site between Nar Nar Goon and Tynong and I presume that this site will become a housing estate, as if Pakenham needs more housing. The Cardinia Council should have bought the site to keep as open space.

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