Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wheatlands Museum, Warracknabeal

If you have an interest in agricultural machinery, then the Wheatlands Museum is well worth a visit. Lots of old tractors, carts and drays, stationary engines, and harvestors, threshers, winnowers and other machines used in the wheat fields. There are also three large storage sheds housing heaps of other equipment, which there is no room to display publicly, however all these exhibits are out and running during the annual Easter Rally (2010 rally is to be held from Saturday April 3 to Monday April 5). The Museum has a few trucks in their collection, most of them not on public display, and we were lucky enough to be shown through the storage sheds and take a few photographs. The Blitz was the only truck on public display.

This is an incomplete Albion.

This Ex-Army Ford Blitz was used at the Werribee Tractor testing Station until the late 1960s. The Blitz is connected to a grader and was used to test the horse-power of tractors.

1938 Mapleleaf. The name on the door is E.A & D.M Holmes from Bangerang. Bangerang was once a thriving town, but now consists of a monument to the early pioneers and a few signs indicating the location of the old School, old Churches, the old Hotel.

This is an old Vulcan truck.

Two views of a 1920s Chevrolet. The front of the truck is partly obscured by the tray of another truck. It is an all wooden cab and tray, in great condition.

The Museum runs the Wheatlands Warehouse to rise funds. This is in the old Holden dealers in the town and has heaps of second hand stuff - crockery, books, collectables, furniture, stuff for blokes such as car parts etc. You could spend hours rummaging around .

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