Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two great books

I own a large collection of books, including lots of books I have bought from second hand shops. I came across two recently which I will be using time and again. The first one is Commercial Vehicles in Great Britain by Les Geary, published by Transport Bookman Publications Limited in 1979 and has 182 pages. Les covers British firms from A.E.C Limited to the Yorkshire Patent Steam Waggon Company and every company has a history and some photographs.

The other book I purchased is the Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles by G.N Georgano. Published by Krause Publications, also in 1979. It has 704 pages and over 1900 photographs and is an alphabetical look at 'every commercial vehicle offered for sale throughout the world from the 19th century until 1978'. It has a great index as well, the joy of any Librarian's life.

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