Tuesday, September 15, 2009

American Iron Heritage Truck Display 2009

The American Truck Historical Society held their American Iron Heritage Truck Display in Echuca over the weekend. Naturally we didn't take the Volvo or the Benz, but we did go along and have a look. We were only there on the Saturday morning, and there was a good line-up of trucks then and even more trucks apparently arrived during the afternoon.

This is a Brockway, imported from the United States, and owned by Ed Eminson of Dubbo. It is magnificent.

A Chevrolet in untouched condition, and below is a Diamond T, also in a non-restored condition.

Another Diamond T, it is a great looking truck.
Above and below - Diamond Reos. The one, above, is owned by Joe Zammit. The maroon truck is now owned by Rod Calleja, but was previously restored and owned by Fred Love.

Max Devlin's 1928 Dodge. A familiar sight to anyone who attends Victorian truck shows.
A line-up of Dodges.

A Ford in unrestored condition.

Two Ford Louisvilles.

An International Transtar and an Acco 'Butterbox'

S-line International.

More Internationals - a 180, an AB and a C-line.

Various Kenworths.

Rod Calleja's B-model Mack.

A Mack line-up.

Ian Lee's B-model Mack, with a V8.

Two Mack Superliners.

When we were there on the Saturday morning there was only one Peterbilt displayed (shown above) and one White (shown below).

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