Sunday, January 29, 2017

Neerim Show 2017

The Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club attends the Neerim Show every year and the Show was held today, Sunday January 29 2017. As well as the usual modern day Show activities including dog high jump, lawn mower racing, stunt motor bike riding - there was also a display of historic cars, steam traction engines and the historic trucks. The trucks are picture here, with some traction engines, because I really like them.

Line-up of some of the trucks

Here's our 1989 N12 Intercooler with integrated sleeper

NH12 Volvo  - not really historic (1999/2000 model), but we liked it, because it's a Volvo!

I have decided we will look at the  trucks by colour -this is Max Devlin's blue 1948 Kew Dodge

Tony Hackett's blue 1957 REO Gold Comet

John Fowler's blue 1947  Dodge. It had a few 'issues' on the way up but there were plenty of people to give advice.

Graham Young's green 1947 Bedford

Bob Lee's  green 1937 Diamond T

Andrew Main's green 1964 Dodge

Phil Mapleson's green 1928 Dodge

Rod Pretty's very nice Ford Louisville, the green is a Peugeot colour.

Ray Black's green International Acco

John Staley's green 1962 International

Alan McCormack's green B-model Mack

Steve Ellis' maroon (or is it  dusky pink?) B-model Mack

Mike Herbert's red 1962 Austin fire truck  

Des Walker's red 1950 Diamond T

Bill Aitken's  red Dodge

Peter Lynch's red Dodge

Jeff Johnston's red Dodge with his red 1929 Dodge on the trailer

Graham Cameron's red 1973 International

Russell Marshall's red Studebaker

Joe Beaumont's brick red Ford

John Gramlick's red and white 1961 Commer

Wayne Henry's red and white Kenworth

Vyn Harris' white and black Scania

Ted Bould's white and blue Kenworth

Gary Aitken's 1973 white and green 1418 Mercedes Benz 

David Rickards' 1966 white and red Dodge

Graham Young's 1978 white and red  TK Bedford

Les Siddle's 1965 yellow B-model Mack

Here are the Steam traction engines

Traction Engine 1

Traction Engine 2

Traction Engine 3

Traction Engine 4

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