Saturday, January 14, 2017

Alexander Truck Show - 2006 and 2008

Here are our photos of the Alexandra Truck Show, on the Queens Birthday weekend,  that we took in 2006 and 2008. We took the N10 Volvo up in 2008 and just went by car in 2006. 

Bransgrove's Bedford in 2006

Ian Lee's B-model Mack tow truck, above and below

Line up of trucks in 2006  that's Dave Horne's  1934 British Bedford on the right

Max Pollard's Chev in 2006

We we went up again in 2008 we took the N10 Volvo - here it is in the fog after we just arrived.

John doing some last minute polishing

Max Devlin and his 1928 Dodge, also doing some last minute polishing

The sun eventually came out

This is Gary Evan's Ford, all the way from Oberon in NSW, and a neat KB5 International.

Overview of the trucks in 2008

This was a photo that we scanned, we must have had two cameras with us, a film camera and a digital, some of the film pictures are pretty ordinary. Anyway, this is a B-model Mack in 2008.

Burma Dodge in 2008

Alexandra 2008

This was the first time we ever met Frank Latorre,  June 8, 2008, and we have seen him plenty of times since and he's still lovely.

Here's another shot of the Volvo and some of the other trucks, in 2008.


  1. Hi Heather, this blog is a treasure - I've just discovered it. I've got a great interest in Melbourne and Victoria's industrial history, especially building architecture of old factories and plants. Is there a way to contact you to ask a few specific questions about tips to research this - there a couple of particular factories I'm interested in which have now been demolished so would be good to find out if you have any info/advice.

    1. Hi Mark - you can send me an email to if you want. Best wishes Heather

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