Friday, March 18, 2016

HCVC Ballarat Branch Clunes Truck Show 2016 - Part 2 - Dodges, Fords and Internationals

The Ballarat Branch of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (  put on their 6th Annual Historic Vehicle Show on March 13 2016 at the Clunes Showgrounds.  It was, as always, a great show - great ground, great atmosphere, lots of trucks. There were also lots of cars on display, but we're truck people, so we only take truck photos. Here are the Dodges, Fords and Internationals. To see the other trucks displayed, click here


Brian Dawe's Dodge

Jeff Johnston's Dodge - he also had  a Volvo Globetrotter

Very neat Dodge - used to belong to Glenn Lancey - looked great when he had it and still looks fabulous.

Gary and Linda O'Keefe's Dodges

Above and below - Old Dodges - I am no Dodge expert - but they look like the same model - just unrestored and restored.

We think this is  a Dodge 

Very old Ford

Old blue Ford

Old yellow Ford


Donny McGregor's Ford

Two Fords - almost twins


White Ford 1

White Ford 2

White Ford 3

Inter R190 - I think, can't quite read the badge  - looks great no matter what.

Murray Pope's 190 Inter - love this.

Also spectacular - another 190.

So adding to my list of pet hates at truck shows (signs on the front of the truck, seats out the front) are trucks with the bonnets open as I feel that it ruins my photos. Apart from that - this is a great truck.

John Wright's Inter

Red Inter 1

Red Inter 2

Red Inter 3

Red Inter 4

Red Inter 5

Red Inter 6 - George Pyers

Red Inter 7

Red Inter 8

Green Inter 1 - belongs to Barry Dodson - I love this

Green Inter 2

Alan Taylor's Transtar

Another Transtar

David Wenker's very neat Inter

We'll finish off the Inters with this International bus.

This post shows the  the Dodges, Fords and Internationals displayed at the Clunes Historic Vehicle Show, 2016. To see the other trucks displayed, click here.

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