Friday, March 18, 2016

HCVC Ballarat Branch Clunes Truck Show 2016 - Part 1

The Ballarat Branch of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (  put on their 6th Annual Historic Vehicle Show on March 13 2016 at the Clunes Showgrounds.  It was, as always, a great show - great ground, great atmosphere, lots of trucks and lots of cars. Here are some photos of most of the trucks which were on display, except  for the Dodges, Fords and Internationals. You can see them here

Warren Harris' AEC, with a Karrier on the back and a little green truck on the Karrier. Fabulous display.

Murray Pope's Albion - how nice is this this? Fantastically nice!

Atkinson tippers - above and below.

Never seen this Atkinson before - looks great here and even better in real life.

Austin in Golden Fleece colours.

Two neat green Austins

Austin tow truck

Red Bedford 1

Red Bedford 2 - Adrian Hems

Red Bedford 3 - S-model

Jim Parker's Bedford and trailer - he collects cans and donates the money to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.


Blitz 1

Blitz 2 - Andrew McIntosh

Blitz 3

B.M.C Diesel


Kevin and Jean Oates' 1925 Chev

Two more Chevs

Graeme Johnston's Commer

Another Commer

Commer - photo does not do it justice - this looked spectacular in real life

Diamond REO - great looking truck

Kenworth - painted in Phillips Transport of Shepparton colours

Kenworth - Shane Grima's - painted in TNT colours

This truck always looks top notch

When I am in charge of the universe - I will ban people from putting large signs like this on the front of their trucks - it ruins the photos.

Ted Beamish's Kenworth

This finishes the Kenworths

Ballarat Tilt Tray Service's Leader

Rod Calleja's B-model - always looks great

Ian Lee's Mack

B-model Mack

Fitzpatricks of Charlton Mack Superliner - because I like the truck you see it twice.

R-model Mack - another thing that will be illegal when I run the universe is people sitting in front of their trucks. Sometimes we ask people to move, but this gentleman looked too comfortable to disturb.

B-model Mack

R-model Macks, above and below

1976 1418 Mercedes Benz

I don't know what this is - I just have it labelled 'Old truck'

Osh Kosh - only one on display

Peterbilt - also the only one on display

This is a REO

As soon as John saw this, he said, 'Australian Glass Manufacturers used to have some of these' then when we went around to the other side of the truck - there was the name on the door. This is a Scammell.

Scania 'Gumboot'

Russell Marshall's Studebaker

A small Suzuki

1961 Thornycroft Mastiff - superb is the only word for it

This is our 1989 N12 Volvo Intercooler and 1976 Freighter trailer

Graeme Troutbecks FL10 Volvo and F86 Volvo - seen below as well.

Jeff Johnston's Globetrotter

Two Whites

This post shows most of the trucks which were displayed at the Clunes Historic Vehicle Show, 2016, except for the Dodges, Fords and Internationals. You can see them here.

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