Monday, January 25, 2016

Neerim Show 2016

We took the Mercedes Benz out to the Neerim Show on Sunday, January 24 2016. It was an overcast day, with rain and drizzle - luckily John had decided to put the Benz on the trailer and float it up  so it didn't get dirty, other wise he would have just decided to stay home. Good display of trucks, some tractors and a tractor pull, plus some old cars, modern utes, lawn mower racing, cattle judging, dog high jump, chain saw sculpting, stationary engines, the Morwell Caledonian pipe band and rides for the kids. Good day - here are most of the trucks which were on display.

Our Benz - 1974 1418 model

Bill and Judy Aitken's 1949 A70 Austin Hampshire utility. What a great looking vehicle.

Mick Herbert's 1962 Austin fire engine

Jim Parker's Bedford

Graham Cameron's 1927 Chevrolet

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T

Des Walker's recently acquired Diamond T

Bill and Judy Aitken's Dodge

Graham Cameron's 1971 Dodge

Heather Cameron's 1965 Dodge

Andrew and Marian Main's 1964 Dodge

David and Sandra Rickards' 1966 Dodge

Phil Mapleson's 1928 Dodge

John Fowler's 1947 Dodge

A 1925 Ford

Another Ford

Joe Beaumont's 1939 Ford - how neat is this truck?

Graham Cameron's 1973 Inter

Ray Black's neat Inter Acco

John Nicholson's 1965 Inter

John Staley's 1962 Inter with a Land Rover on the back

Ian Latham's 1976 Inter

Coleman's Kenworth - they also had a steam traction engine

Mark Schmutter's spiffy looking 1986 Kenworth and trailer

Ted and Phyllis Bould's Kenworth

Wayne Henry's Kenworth

 Alan McCormack's 1961 B-model Mack

Les Siddle's 1965 B-model Mack timber jinker

Steve Ellis' 1964 B-model Mack

Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf

Graham Young's 1424 Benz

Eric Shingle's 1974 1418 Benz

Tony and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO

Vyn Harris' Scania 

John Ziebell's 1983 Scania

Neil and Barb Cook's White - they also had  a steam traction engine there

Steam Traction engine 1

Steam Traction engine 2

Steam Traction engine 3

Steam Traction engine 4

Steam traction engine 5 - steam roller

Steam Traction engine 6

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