Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Longwarry Heritage Truck Show - Internationals to Whites

The second Longwarry Heritage Truck Show was held on February 1 and 2, 2014 at the Recreation Reserve. There were around 100 trucks at the show, plus various other vehicles - cars, tractors, earth moving equipment and some stationary engines. Both days were really hot , with the Sunday being over 40 degrees, so that kept the numbers of both trucks and spectators down a bit, but it was a great show and bigger and better than 2013. In this post you will see Internationals to Whites. To see Atkinsons all the way through the alphabet to G.M.C, click here.

Graham Cameron's 1973 1210 Inter

John Ferguson's 1949 KB6 Inter

Colin Hook's 1980 CO9670 Inter

More Internationals of various models and years

Ken Stephen's jeep - he's owned it since new

There more more Kenworths on display than any other make - I counted  18 of them

Vyn Harris  Trafalgar Truck President is the owner of this one and the crane truck, below.

Wayne Henry's Kenworth

Ted Beamish's Kenworth

Ian Cootes' Kenworth

Russell and Brenton Ashley's Kenworth

Colin Brown's Mack 

Steve Ellis' B-model

Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf

Graham Young's 1424 Mercedes Benz

Our 1974 1418 Benz

Another 1418 Benz

Eric Shingle's 1974 1418 with one of his Land Rovers on the back

John Burley's 1949 Morris Commercial

An Oka - I don't know how old it is, but it's interesting

A Peterbilt - only one on display

Tony and Glenys Hackett had their trio of REOs on display - the one above is from 1966

1952 F22 Gold Comet

1957 F22R Gold Comet

Here they are again in this line-up

The one and only Scania

Chamberlain tractor - it was driven here from Somerville by Cameron and Lisa - it goes about 40km per hour, so it would have been a long, hot noisy trip home on the Sunday. They also drove it to Sandown last year.

Our 1976 N10 Volvo and it is shown here below with the Benz.

There were seven Whites at the show

Ray Grima, organiser of the bi-annual White Truck Muster in Kyabram, came in this White, with the yellow one, shown below, on the back.

This White came all the way from Hay in New South Wales. According to Google maps that's at least 507 kms away, so that's a great effort.

Overview of the Show on the Sunday

In this post you saw Internationals to Whites. To see Atkinsons all the way through the alphabet to G.M.C, click here.

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