Thursday, January 30, 2014

TTRC Christmas Break-up 2013 and Neerim Show January 2014

Here's some photographs taken at the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club Christmas Party and truck display at the Darnum Hall on December 1, 2013 and the Neerim Show on January 26, 2014. The Neerim Show is a great event and this year had, amongst the other activities, a truck show, a tractor pull and some steam traction engines. It is well supported by the Trafalgar Trucks Restorers Club members. All the steam traction photographs are at the end.

Darnum Hall

Here's our Volvo at Darnum.

Kelvin Wyatt's J-model Bedford

Dave Horne's 1934 British Bedford

Graham Young's Bedford

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer Knocker

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T

Des and Julie Walker's Diamond T

Fred Love's recently restored Diamond T

Bill and Judy Aitken's Dodge

Barry Campbell's Dodge

John Fowler's 1947 Dodge

Andrew and Marion Main's Dodge

Max Devlin's 1928 Dodge

Don Cheesman's Ford

Donny McGregor made the trek from Clarkefield, north of Melbourne, to the Neerim Show. This is a 1960 F500 Ford.

Joe Beaumont's 1939 Ford

Ken Stephen's Inter and tractor

Merv Bennett's Inter AA148

Fred Black's 1970 Acco 1800 Inter

Graham and Heather Cameron's 1973 D1210 Inter - as it usually has a sign propped on the front, like above at Neerim, here's another photograph, below, in all it's natural glory, taken at Darnum.

Colin Hook's Inter - 1980 CO9670 - looks like a Transtar to me, but it apparently isn't. It's a left hand drive.

John and Bev Feguson's 1948 KB3 Inter

Geoff East's 1964 AB110 Inter

Ian Latham, all loaded up with his tractors at Neerim, and because we like him so much, here's his truck again, below. It's a 1976 Inter

That's Ian on his tractor during the tractor pull

John Nicholson's International Scout

Terry and Diane Sullivan's Inter - very nice

The Coleman family Kenworth with the Coleman family steam engine on the back

Vyn Harris, above, all loaded up with the tractor pull sled at Neerim, and below, his other Kenworth at Darnum

Wayne Henry's Kenworth

Steve Ellis' B-model Mack

Les  Siddle's B-model Mack - and because I like it so much - here it is at Neerim, above, and Darnum, below.

Eric Shingles' 1974 1418 Mercedes Benz

Steve Bragg's Mercedes Benz - also a 1418 model

Graham Young's  1424 Mercedes Benz

John Burley's 1949 Morris Commercial

Tony and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO Gold Comet

John Ziebell's Scania

Leigh Shield's 1945 Studebaker US6

Suzuki Mighty Boy - owned by Wayne Henry

Here's our Volvo again - 1976 N10 Volvo and 1976 Freighter trailer.

A White, at Neerim, owned by the Cook family who had  a traction engine at the show

Good overview of the trucks at Neerim Show

Steam Roller - I think it's a Cowley

Marshall Traction Engine, from 1915, owned by the Cook family -  competing in the tractor pull

Steam in action.

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