Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Longwarry Heritage Truck Show 2014 - Atkinsons to GMC

The second Longwarry Heritage Truck Show was held on February 1 and 2, 2014 at the Recreation Reserve. There were around 100 trucks at the show, plus various other vehicles - cars, tractors, earth moving equipment and some stationary engines. Both days were really hot , with the Sunday being over 40 degrees, so that kept the numbers of both trucks and spectators down a bit, but it was a great show and bigger and better than 2013. In this post you will see Atkinsons to GMC. To see Internationals all the way through the alphabet to Whites, click here.

There were five Atkinsons on display - including this grand looking one - what a great truck!

Austin fire truck

1957 Austin fire truck owned by Wayne Roots. Even though this is now out of commission it was used during the Black Saturday fires in 2009 as they were short of trucks.

Here they are again, a good looking pair

Old Austin and, below, is the interesting collection of old stuff that they had on the tray

We're up to Bedfords now. This is Bob Needham's very neat 1953 tray truck

Jim Parker's Bedford - he had it well set up for camping overnight

Graham Young's Bedford

Rob and Carol Tylee's 1957 Bendigo tram truck - the working platform still operates and was used by a few intrepid photographers to get some aerial shots of the show

This is Douglas Hamilton - ace reporter for the Vintage Trucks and Commercials magazine

Kevin and Jean Oates' 1925 Chev

Peter Rochow's 1976 Chev

Chev Blitz

Ian Castle's 1931 Chev

Another Chev

Graeme Johnston's 1960 Commer Knocker

Steve Camilleri's  Commer Knocker

John Gramlick's fleet - the 1961 Commer Knocker with a 1954 trailer and his 1970 van, below

Des Walker's Diamond T

Fred Love's Diamond T

Aldo Marson's Diamond T

Fred and Aldo's Diamonds

Bill Aitken's Dodge

Glenn Lancey's 1977 Dodge

Heather Cameron's Dodge

More Dodges

Barry Campbell's Dodge

Max Devlin's 1928 Dodge

Max showed me his Dodge beer - it was apparently used as a promotion on South Australia at one time

John Fowler's 1947 Dodge

Mick De Vries' Federal timber jinker

Frank La Torre's 1961 Foden, all the way from Shepparton

This is Wayne Henry's Ford - it's not a truck, but he does belong to the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club, so it gets it's picture on my blog

Don Cheesman's Ford

The only G.M.C on display

In this post you saw the  Atkinsons to the GMC. To see Internationals all the way through the alphabet to Whites, click here