Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trucks In Action 2012 - Kenworth to Studebaker

Trucks in Action, at Lardner Park near Warragul, took place between February 16 and February 18 2012. These photos were all taken on the Saturday. If you want to see the Internationals, then click here. If you want to see Atkinson to GMC, then click here.

Two S-model Kenworths, exhibited by Vyn Harris.

1976 SAR owned by Neville Storey. On the back is his 1929 Chev and 1927 Paige sedan.

1972 W-model Kenworth owned by Gary Jones.

Mick Black's 1964 B-model Mack.

Here's another Mack - it's a Superliner - owned by Jason Jones.

Two Maple Leaf's on display - Stan Hamilton's 1946 one is above and Delsa Bury's 1946 one is below.

Mercedes Benz 1979 1424 owned by Graham Young.

This is our lovely 1974 1418.

Eric Shingle's 1974 1418 Benz.

Ian James' 1948 Morris Commercial and 1950 caravan.

Ian Latham's 1948 Morris Commercial

John Burley's 1949 Morris Commercial.

Delsa Bury's 1948 REO Speedwagon.

Tony and Glenys Hackett had three REOs on display. This one is a 1966 E332D.

This is a 1952 F22 Gold Comet.

F22R Gold Comet from 1957.

Delsa Bury's 1947 Studebaker.

If you want to see the Internationals which were on display, then click here. To see the Atkinsons to GMC, click here.

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