Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trucks in Action 2012 - Internationals

Trucks in Action at Lardner Park, near Warragul, took place on February 16th to the 18th 2012. These are all the Internationals that were there on the Saturday. If you want to see Kenworths to Studebaker then click here. If you want to see Atkinsons to GMC then click here.

Ian Latham's 1976 custom built Inter.

1981 C630A Inter owned by John Wright.

Russell Ashley's AA150 1961 Inter.

Geoff East's AB110 Inter from 1964.

This is also owned by Geoff East -it's a 1964 AB155.

This is owned by Dennis and Petra Boulton - it's a 1962 AB180.

This is Jarrod Blair's 1976 Acco 2150B

Steve Bragg's C1800 Inter with a 1954 Freuhauf trailer.

Wayne Henry's 1967 CD 1840.

Graham Young's 1980 D1530.

Jock Crawford's 1974 D1610 and his 1958 R190 below.

1946 K3 owned by Brian Lenz.

Delsa Bury's 1948 KB2 and her 1948 KBS6 is below.

John and Bev Ferguson's 1948 KB3 and their 1949 KB6 is below.

Dean and Elizabeth Flude's 1948 KB3.

Graeme Latter's 1954 R180.

Tim Buckler's 1975 Acco 1710A.

Click here to see the Atkinsons to GMC that were on display at Trucks in Action. To see Kenworths to Studebaker, click here.

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