Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trucks in Action 2012 - Atkinson to GMC

Trucks in Action, at Lardner Park near Warragul, took place between February 16 and February 18 2012. These photos of Atkinsons to a GMC were all taken on the Saturday. If you want to see the Internationals, then click here. If you want to see the Kenworth to Studebaker, then click here.

Dave Negrin's 1977 Atkinson 3800 tipper, above, and below is Craig Rumble's 1980 Atkinson 3870.

Theo Versteden's 1963 Austin 450 F. Theo's other Austin, a 1963 N series, is below.

Wayne Root's 1957 Austin fire truck.

Robert Johnston's 1948 Bedford and keeping it in the family - his brother Graeme's 1976 TK Bedford is below.

Bob Needham's 1953 Bedford.

Frank Strickland's 1962 J-model.

Graham Young's 1960 J-model Bedford, with hay baler.

Rob and Carol Tylee's Bendigo Tramways 1956 Bedford works truck.

The only bus on display - John Phillips 1952 AEC Regal Mark 3.

1929 Chev van, owned by Neville Storey.

John Gramlick's 1970 Commer 2500 van.

Graeme Johnston's 1960 Commer Knocker, and below is John Gramlick's 1961 Knocker, with his 1954 strap trailer.

Sam Capes' 1956 De Soto.

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T.

Des Walker's 1950 Diamond T.

Graham and Heather Cameron's 1971 700 series Dodge.
Gary O'Keefe's 1975 D5N 700 series Dodge.

Peter Lynch's 1952 Dodge.

John Mahoney's 1972 Dodge.

Bill O'Halloran's 1975 D3F Dodge.

Glenn Lancey's 1977 D5N Dodge and 1969 Loadmaster trailer.

John Fowler's 1947 DD4 Dodge.

Barry Stammers' 1946 Fargo.

Ian Latham's 1949 Fargo.

Mick De Vries' Federal cab on a REO.

Frank La Torre's well known Foden from 1961.

Bob Lee's 1941 partially restored Ford.

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford.

1942 jail bar Ford and 1942 Blitz, both owned by Theo Versteden.

Stan Hamilton's 1969 F250.

Bill Sedgman's 1975 F350.

Early 1950s Fordson Thames, both owned by Theo Versteden.

Delsa Bury's 1947 GMC.

Click here to see the Internationals that were on display at Trucks in Action. To see Kenworths to Studebaker, click here.

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