Wednesday, October 5, 2011

HCVC road run to Kinglake

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (HCVC) had a road run and "Christmas in August" to Kinglake on August 28, 2011. The weather was great and here are some photographs.

This great photograph was taken by Warwick Bryce, at the top of Mount Slide, corner of Melba Highway and Healesville Road.

That's our Benz - beautiful. Paint job by Robbie at Victorian Truck Painting in Dandenong and 'line and sign' job by Bob Conway.

A bevy of Bedfords - Jim Parker's above, and another one below.

What is a truck display without Dave Horne's British Bedford? Another British Bedford, below.

Another neat little Bedford.

Peter and Tracy Rochow's Chev and Warwick Bryce's Leader.

Stephen Corstorphan's flash Diamond T.

Two blue Dodges, not only alphabetically organised but colour coded as well, that suits my Librarian mind. Above is Brian Dawes and below is Bill & Pat O'Hallorans.

Donny McGregor's International, above, and a Corstorphan Dodge below.

Two red Internationals - Ken Whitworths fire engine, above, and Bruce and Helen Paroissien's below.

Two white Inters - John Wright's (above) and Jarrod Blair's is below.

A Leyland fire truck.

Finally, a White.


  1. That looks incredible. I am seriously impressed right now … Gate Factory

  2. Heather,

    This truck here ( is a International C-Series, not a Ford F-Series! You have the wrong pic!

    Sorry for being anal....


  3. Ooops - sorry Joe ( and any International fans I have upset) you are correct, so I have changed the caption. I actually had the correct picture but the wrong make and at the risk of offending even more people, sometimes some of those American trucks all look a bit alike to me. I would have got it right if it was a Volvo! Thank you for you comment.