Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Volvo advertisements from 1972

Here are some more advertisements about our favourite truck make, the Volvo. They are from the Truck & Bus Transportation magazine from 1972. To see the 1971 ads click here. Click on all images to enlarge them.

January 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine.

February 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine.

June 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine (four page special, above and below)

This ad for Swedish Motors also appeared throughout 1972. Steven King wrote a history of the early years of Volvo in Australia which appeared in Issue 5 of Vintage Trucks and Commercial magazine www.vtcmagazine.com.au. He said that Max Winkless, who was the principal of Swedish Motors in Wollongong, imported the first three Volvos into Australia in 1967. They were F86 prime movers.

August 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine.

This ad for M & S Diesel appeared in November 1972. The article about the company which was in the December 1972 edition, is reproduced below. The company was started by Michael and Stan Goldfarb.

December 1972 Truck & Bus Transportation magazine. Click here to see all the 1971 ads.

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  1. Wow! these ads bring back a lot of memories of Volvo trucks from the 70's