Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last of the Chrome Bumpers 2010 and Traf Trucks Christmas Party 2010

We haven't really taken the Volvo to many shows over the past few months, however we did go to the Last of the Chrome Bumpers Car Show at Cora Lynn Recreation Reserve on October 3. It is primarily a car show, but there were around 25 trucks on show and it is really close to home and it wasn't raining, so out came the Volvo. We also went to the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club Christmas Break-up at the Darnum Public Hall on December 5 - so here are some photographs from both events, starting naturally with the Volvo.

It is hard to get a really good photo of the Volvo, especially in low light conditions, as it is a dark paint colour, but I was happy with these two photographs - what a beautiful truck, even if I do say so myself!

This is Wayne Henry's 1928 Ford, taken at Darnum.

The S-model Kenworth belonging to Vyn Harris, 1980 model, taken at Darnum.

Ian Benson's Mainline Ford ute. First time we have seen it and it looks absolutely fantastic.

Also taken at Darnum - Andrew McIntosh's AB130, John Denholm's 1966 AB182 timber jinker and Vyn's Kenworth.

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Club tent at Cora Lynn, next to Stephen Corstorphan's 1957 Diamond T.

A neat little International next to Peter and Tracey Rochow's 1976 C60 Chev, then John's timber jinker again, at Cora Lynn.

More Cora Lynn vehicles, above and below.

Bill and Pat O'Halloran's International, then Ian Blake's Landy and other similar type vehicles (well they look the same to me) on display at Cora Lynn.

Two red trucks, both Inters. John and Bev Ferguson's 1948 KB3 and Dennis and Petra Boulton's 180 below. Taken at Darnum.

By coincidence, these two trucks are both owned by Graemes. Graeme Latter owns the 1954 R180 and Graeme Johnston the 1976 TK Bedford. Taken at Darnum.

Finally, because blue is my favourite colour - here are three blue trucks, you have seen them before in this blog and you will see them again. Eric Shingles, 1974 LS 1418. It always takes a great photo, and has a paint job which looks fabulous in any light conditions. Taken at Cora Lynn.

Another blue truck - Des and Lynn Judd's Acco, also taken at Cora Lynn. Once again, this truck always takes a great picture.

Finally, John Fowler's 1947 Dodge, taken at Darnum. It used to be owned by Jim Bury.

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