Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Korumburra Working Horse and Tractor Rally, Nyora

This Rally was held on March 20 & 21 2010 and takes place every year at TGS Sands, South Gippsland Highway at Nyora, just past the Bass Gas plant. It's a great event and has everything - there’s a truck display, then a tractor pull, heaps of old tractors – the Harry Ferguson Club have a display every year, old cars, stationary engines, draught horses ploughing the paddock, shearing exhibitions and cute baby animals. There is an old working chaff cutter and the local Historical Society Display. Plus good food and everyone's friendly. About 20 trucks were displayed - we took the Volvo and the 1976 Freighter trailer and there were two other European trucks there - which took the European Truck Count to a massive fifteen per cent of all trucks displayed! What a sight, but still we were sadly outnumbered by the non Europeans.

Here's our 1976 N1025 Volvo and 38 foot Freighter trailer.

1983 Scania.

A 1974 LS 1418 Benz, belonging to Eric Shingles.

1923 Ford, which was part of the display with the 1915 Cliff & Bunting "New Reliance" chaff cutter (below)

Norm Nettleton's 1975 J3 model Bedford, which he purchased at this same event last year.

Graeme & Judy Johnston also had a TK Bedford, with the Toyota Dyna on the back.

There were two Leylands on show - above is a Hippo and a 1977 model is below.

Ken Stephen's 1969 Kenworth.

1977 Dodge owned by Glenn Lancey.

Sam Capes 1956 De Soto. I love this truck and it's even my favourite colour.

1942 Lend Lease Chev.

Ross Turnbull's TK Bedford, Graeme Latter's 1954 R180 Inter, the Leyland Hippo and Warwick Bryce's Foden with the Rolls Royce Meteor engine on the back.

Proving once again that Internationals are the most popular trucks on the Truck Show Circuit - here is a line-up - J.T Clark of Poowong's 1970 C1300 , John Ferguson's 1949 KB6 , John Denholm's 1962 AB 180.

Jock Crawford's 1974 C1610 Inter.

Roy Bright's 1924 Inter and Ian Latham's custom built Inter.

1967 C-line International.

1964 AB 150 Inter.

1973 International, belonging to Lloyd Hunter.

International Acco C2050.

Finally, competition is tough in the tractor pulls, so Ian Latham thought he'd bring along a tank to blast the competition away. It is fitted with a 671 GM.

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