Friday, June 25, 2010

Volvo N10 - Sales brochures

It has been a while since I have done a blog post, so I thought to myself, what is it you are all just waiting to see? The answer, of course, is pictures of Volvo trucks! Thanks to the wonders of Ebay we have been able to purchase a few Volvo Sales brochures, so below are some photographs from a 1974 brochure. The brochure was printed, in English, in Sweden. If you can get enough of these pictures, then click here, for another post.

Front cover.

Sales pitch - The trucks of the N10 series are designed and built for the type of long-distance and short haul duties which demand unusual speed and stamina...the Volvo N10 is a trustworthy and economical truck. When John was working for Actrans he was sent to Adelaide carting two eleven ton containers of frozen lamb. He was travelling with Jimmy Nolan who had exactly the same load. Jimmy was driving a Kenworth with an 871 and when they both fuelled up at Nhill, the Kenworth had used double the amount of fuel the Volvo had used.

This text accompanied the illustrations of the chassis variations, shown above. The Chassis of the Volvo N10 is purpose built to simplify superstructure work. The upper face of the frame is entirely smooth, there are no joints or rivet heads to complicate bodybuilding. Furthermore, the width of the frame is constant and the frame members have an extra large web height which offers numerous benefits including simpler attachment. The fuel tank is located low-down and outboard of the frame to give plenty of room between the tank and the frame for anchorages, brackets and pipes. The frame meners are newly designed to combine lightness and strength with exceptional resistance to peak loads.

Back cover.

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