Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Display Day 2015 - Part 2 - Kenworths, Macks and Peterbilts

The 34th HCVC Annual Display Day took place at Yarra Glen Racecourse on November 8, 2015. We took photographs of most of the trucks that were on display. This post shows the Kenworths, Macks amd Peterbilts which were on display.  To see the other American trucks, click here.  To see the English and European trucks,  click here.

Rob French's Peterbilt

Two more Peterbilts, above and below.

Here is a collection of Kenworths - this is a SAR

Simon Harris owns this - S2 model

Driver's Bus lines W-model Kenworths - above and below


SAR model

Good looking 1946 KW with an Inter on the back 

Mark Schmutter's W-model

SAR model

S2 model

Mick Cleary owns this

Original S-model

SAR model

SAR model

Murray Langford's W-model - normally we don't take photos of trucks with their bonnet open, because it ruins the photos, but as we like this truck, here it is, and also all loaded up, below.

Vyn Harris owns this

Sean Denny owns this

Russell and Brenton Ashley own this one

This is Ted Bould's 

Mack R-model - owned by Kevin Sim

Alan McCormack's B-Model. Photo doesn't do it justice -  looks way better in real life.

Steve Ellis' B-model

F-model Mack


Early Mack

Mick Black's B-model

This is a 1923 Mack

Jason Jones' R-model

Mack trio - taken by Peter Lynch - Flintstone, B-model and one more.

This post shows  the Kenworths, Macks and Peterbilts which were on display at the HCVC Display Day at Yarra Glen Racecourse on November 8, 2015.  To see the other American trucks, click here. To see the  English and European trucks, click here.

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