Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Display Day 2015- Part 1 - American Trucks

The 34th HCVC Annual Display Day took place at Yarra Glen Racecourse on November 8, 2015. We took photographs of most of the trucks that were on display, but we did miss some. This post shows all the American trucks, except Kenworth, Macks and Peterbilts. To see the Kenworths, Macks amd Peterbilts, click here.  To see the English and European trucks click here.

This is a Brockway and won the President's Choice Award.

Kevin and Jean Oates 1925 Chev

A Chev

A C50 Chev and because it look so great  you get it twice.

More Chevs - the one below is owned by Ian Chatfield.

Another C50 Chev

Ian Castles' Critter

Red Diamond T 1 - Ian Lee

Red Diamond T 2 - Stephen Corstorphan

Red Diamond T 3 - Des Walker

Red Diamond T 4 - don't know who owns it, but as we haven't seen it before, you get two views of it.

Aldo Marson's Diamond T

Red Dodge 1 - owned by Bill and Judy Aitken

Red Dodge 2 - photograph by Peter Lynch

Red Dodge 3

White Dodge 1

White Dodge 2 - a tow truck -  this was very neat, hadn't seen it before.

Green Dodge and Yellow Dodge - no idea what models they are.

Good looking Dodge in original condition

This is a Fargo

We've seen this Fargo many times over the years but it's recently had this great sign work done, advertising the Ballarat Courier.

Ford Louisville  owned Dave O'Farrell

Ford Louisville

Ford - owned by the same chap who owns the white and red Dodge tow truck.

Ford 8000

Ford F-500

Ford fire engine

Ford LNT

Ford Louisville

Ford Lousiville

Ford LNT

Ford Prefect

A matching pair of green Fords - the one above is owned by Stephen Corstorphan

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford and Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T. 

Donny McGregor's F950 Ford

Stan Hamilton's Ford

A really old Ford

Don't know what this is

Murray Langford's GMC

Green Inter 1

Green Inter 2 - John Ferguson's great loking truck and Ampol display

Green Inter 3

Green Inter 4 - owned by John Staley

Red Inter 1 - owned by Jock Crawford

Red Inter 2 - owned by Terry Laffan

Red Inter 3 - very nice

Red Inters 4 and 5 -  two fire engines

Red Inter 6

Red Inter 7 - owned by George Pyers


Alan Taylor's Transtar - he's the President of the HCVC

Another good looking Transtar - all the way from Tasmania

Another Tasmanian visitor

Inter - S-line

Transtar 4300

Old truck -don't know what this is


Last but not least - a group of good looking Whites

White Road Boss

White Road Boss

White 4000

All loaded up

This post shows  all American trucks which were on display at the HCVC Display Day at Yarra Glen Racecourse on November 8, 2015, except for the Kenworths, Macks amd Peterbilts. To see the Kenworths, Macks and Peterbilts, click here. To see the English and European trucks, click here

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