Wednesday, December 17, 2014

East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display 2014

The ATHS held their first East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display on November 29 & 30, 2014 at the Maffra Recreation Reserve. We went up on the Sunday and here are some of the trucks that were on display.

Here's our 1974 1418 Benz

This is our 1976 N10 Volvo

Because we love our trucks so much - this is the three of them including the 1999 NH Volvo, the working truck.

Also flying the European flag was Jeff Johnston with his Volvo

Two other Mercedes Benz trucks were on display - Eric Shingles, above, and Steve Bragg's, below.

The other European truck displayed was John Ziebell's Scania

John Burley's 1949 Morris Commercial

A Peterbilt

Tony and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO

Leigh Shield's 1945 Studebaker

Two very neat Whites were on display, above and below. The one below is a White 9000.

R-model Mack

B-model Macks

Colin Brown's R-model Mack and water tanker

Steve Humphrey's Leyland Marathon


Robert Johnston's 1948 Bedford

J-model Bedford

Jim Parker's Bedford

Graham Young's Bedfords, above and below

Steve Bragg's Chev

Two Commer Knockers on display - Graeme Johnston, above, and John Gramlick, below

Des Walker's Diamond T

Fred Love's Diamond T - the late Frank Marchetti's original Diamond T

Aldo Marson's Diamond T and Esso tanker

Bob Lee's Diamond T

Ian Lee's Diamond T

There were many Dodges on display

Glenn Lancey's Dodge

Heather Cameron's Dodge

Garry Gilcrist's Dodge

Ross Talbot's Dodge

More Red Dodges

Jeff Johnston's 1929 Dodge

David Rickard's 1966 Dodge

This is a Ford LTL 9000

Joe Beaumont's neat 1942 Ford

Maffra Fire Brigade's  1928 Graham Brothers fire engine

Red Inter 1

Red Inter 2

Very neat Inter

Alan Taylor's Transtar

Green Inter 1

Green Inter 2

Green Inter 3

Wayne Henry's 1967 Inter

International S-line 3600 

Colin Hook's 1981 Inter - obviously some ladies found it to be a nice shady spot to sit down

Above and below -  two great looking Inters owned by a chap from Tasmania.

A multi-coloured Inter

Trevor Davis' Inter

S-line Inter

Spiffy looking Kenworth

Original slim-line Bayswater Kenworth

Ted Beamish's Kenworth

Gordon McCracken's Kenworth. When I rule the world I am going to make it illegal to sit in front of your truck at a truck show as it ruins the photos.

Wayne Henry's Kenworth

And finally, its not a truck, but Ian Blake is a member of the Traf Club, so here's his Landy.

Two overviews of some of the trucks

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