Saturday, November 1, 2014

Historic Truck Muster at Alexandra 2014

The Rotary Club at Alexandra held their first Historic Truck Muster at the Show Grounds on Sunday, October 12 2014. John went up in the Volvo with the Freighter trailer and took these photos.

This is our 1976 N10 Volvo and 1976 38ft Freigher trailer.

This White was very nice, we had never seen it before but it's a great looking truck.

Another spiffy truck we hadn't seen before was this Inter, an AB180 owned by Wrights of Heathecote. They had the other Inter, shown below on the back of their Kenworth.

Here's a few overview shots of the whole show, there was a modest turn-up, but it should grow in numbers over the years.

Nice looking B-model Mack

Ted Swishy Beamish's cab-over Kenworth

Two  more Kenworths

Alan Taylor's Transtar

Daryl Lloyd's Acco

Colin Hook's 1980 Inter

Donny McGregor's 1971 Inter

Russell Marshall's Ford. Many people arrived on the Saturday and camped overnight, including Russell in his elevated camper.

Jeff Johnston's Ford

Richard Christie - Ford F100

This is a Ford

If there is a truck show in Victoria that Frank La Torre has not taken his Foden to, then I would be very surprised. He supports every show there is and it is always great to see him and his truck.

This is a Fargo. 

Here's three red Dodges - the one above belongs to Jeff Johnston It's a 1929 model.

Graeme Johnston's Dodge

Two blue Dodges - Bill and Pat O'Halloran's above and Brian Dawe's is below.

Steve Camilleri's Commer.

This is a Chevrolet

Robert Johnston's 1948 OL-model Bedford

Adrian Hem's 1964 J-model Bedford

Dave Horne's 1934 British Bedford  - as well known as Frank's Foden; Dave drives many miles each year supporting historic vehicle shows.

Jim Parker's Bedford.

TK model Bedford

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