Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Woods and Reeves Pty Ltd, Warragul

These are from a Woods and Reeves of Warragul sales book in the 1960s (pre 1966 when decimal currency was introduced). Woods and Reeves were International dealers. The photos are indirectly from Wayne Henry. Click on the images to enlarge them.

This page shows a Inter DCO 405, brand new and would have cost you 11,390 pounds. The  R192 had 119, 152 miles on the clock and was priced at 2,450 pounds.

Views of the business.

The truck is an R192a, it had 104, 268 miles on the clock and was priced at 4,000 pounds. The Farmall tractor was listed at 175 pounds.

The green truck is an AB184, had done 90,082 miles and was 2,500 pounds. The red AB182 had 5,378 miles on the clock and was 2,750 pounds.

The AS162 had done 126,602 miles and was 750 pounds. the International tractor was 525 pounds.

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