Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HCVC Sandown Display Day 2012 - English and European makes

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (HCVC)  held their Display Day at Sandown Racecource on Sunday, November 18 2012. Here are some of the trucks - in this post you will see the English and European ones and an Australian truck and a Canadian one. To see the Internationals and Kenworths, click here. To see the other American makes, click here.

Terry Burrow's Albion.

 Five Atkinsons - one above and four below.

Austin Fire Truck

Many Bedfords of all models on display.

The Bedford, above and the two below, are owned by Bark King, a major sponsor of the Display Day.

Jim Parker's Bedford.

Dave Horne's British Bedford.

Steve De Longville's Bedford.

The first of five Commers.

Graeme Johnston's Commer.

John Gramlick's displayed two Commers, above and below.

Another Commer.

Warwick Bryce's Foden, above, and Terry Burrow's is below.

This is Terry Burrow's Leyland Octopus, and there's another Leyland below.

Warwick Bryce's Leader.

Stan Hamilton's Maple Leaf - technically not either European or English, but Canadian, so as it is part of the Commonwealth, I have put it here.

We didn't bring any trucks this year as John had to go into hospital in the afternoon, so our 1418 Benz wasn't there, however I am pleased to report that the show wasn't a Benz-free event. Graham Young's 1424 is above and Eric Shingle's 1418 is below.

Three more Benzs - one above and two below.

A Scammell, above and a Scania, below.

 A Thornycroft.

Brian Dawe's Thornycroft featured on the Display day badge, so here are two shots of it.

Here's a few Volvos. Ours had to stay home in the shed, so I was pleased to see some other Volvos of diaplay.

See more of the trucks at the HCVC Sandown Display Day 2012 -  to see the other Internationals and Kenworths, on display click here. To see the other American makes, click here.

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