Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HCVC Sandown Display Day 2012 - American makes

The Historic Commercial Vehicle Club (HCVC)  held their Display Day at Sandown Racecource on Sunday, November 18 2012. Here are some of the trucks - in this post you will see the American makes, apart from Internationals and the Kenworths.   To see the Internationals and Kenworths, click here and to see the English and European makes, click here.

I don't know what this is, or the one below, but they look American.

Nor do I know what this one is, apart form the fact it is owned by Graham and Shirley Pollard.

Many Chev's on dipslay, starting with this very neat two tone one above.

Peter Rochow's Chev.

Ian Castle's 1931 Chev.

Kevin and Jean Oates 1925 Chev. 

Ian Chatfield's 1939 Chev.

This is apparently a custom made truck or a hybrid.

Sam Capes' De Soto.

Three Red Diamond T's - Stephen Corstorphan owns the one, above, and Des and Julie Walker own the one below. 

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T.

Dodges of various models, including this neat one above with a timber dray on the back.

Glenn Lancey owns this Dodge.

Heather Cameron's spiffy Dodge.

John Fowler's Dodge.

Max Devlin's 1934 Dodge,a familiar sight on the historic truck circuit.

Bill and Pat O'Halloran's Dodge.

This is  a Fargo, as is the green truck, below.

Lots of  Fords on display.

HCVC identity, Russell Marshall, owns this Ford.

Some Ford cars - technically I believe these are English not American, but here they are.

Helen Paroissien's' Ford.

Two GMC's - above and below.

Graham Brothers.

Kevin Sims' Mack.

Michael Debenham's Mack and stock crate. 

Many more Macks.

Some of the many Military vehicles on display.

Two Peterbilts - above and below.

REO Speedwagon and another REO below.

Two Whites.

See more of the trucks on display at the HCVC Sandown Display Day 2012 - If you want to see the Internationals and Kenworths, click here. To see the English and European makes, click here.

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