Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Neerim Show 2010

We took the Volvo to the Neerim Show on January 24. It was a perfect day, especially weather wise and the truck looked fantastic, gleaming in the sun shine. I haven't been to a Show for years, so I was a bit surprised not to see any cattle, poultry or other livestock. Shows have now re-invented themselves, it appears, and have new attractions such as the Dog high jump, which was very entertaining. Neerim Show also had lots of vehicles on display, for a start there were about 50 utes decorated with racy slogans, lots of Bundy Rum accessories and fluid and lots of Australian flags - they are a very patriotic lot in a nationalistic sort of way.

This was one of the more colourful Utes on display.

The Baw Baw Old Engine & Auto Club had about 20 cars displayed and some stationary engines.

Baw Baw Club vehicles. I love these old caravans.

There were also five Steam Traction Engines. They lined up for a group shot at the end of the day (below)

This is a Foden.

This is an Albaret Steam Roller. I had never heard of Albrarets before, but according to the Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles, they were made in France and Albaret was mainly noted for agricultural engines and road rollers. The Company operated from 1865 to around 1914.

Foden Steam Truck.

Foden, above and below, the full-size version and the mini-me version.

Ruston Steam Roller.

The Neerim Show Committee had invited the Trafalfar Truck Restorers Club to the Show and around twelve trucks turned up. Below is the Volvo, next to Graham & Heather Cameron's 1943 Lend Lease Chev. The Chev was originally owned by John Lloyd, who incidently owned Brechin on the Princes Highway at Narre Warren, which is where Fountain Gate Shopping Centre now is. The vehicle was used as the Narre Warren Fire Brigade truck. The second owner of the truck was Ian Pask of Upper Beaconsfield, and Graham and Heather are the third owners. In the background is Fred Black's 1970 C1800 Acco.

An Atkinson, a White and a G88 Volvo.

Max Devlins' 1928 Dodge and Tony & Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO Gold Comet.

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer Knocker and John Denholm's 1962 AB Inter.

John Nicholson's International Scout and John & Bev Ferguson's KB3 International.

Finally, Dave Horne was a visitor form the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club, with his 1934 British Bedford, pictured next to Ian & Val Benson's 1970 C1300 International.

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