Monday, October 12, 2009

Last of the Chrome Bumpers Show at Cora Lynn

The Last of the Chrome Bumpers Show at the Cora Lynn was a great success. It is getting bigger every year and this year over 6,500 people attended and nearly 2,000 cars turned up. They had to close the gate at one time as there was just no room left to display cars. The cars ranged from hot rods to models from the 1920s onwards and plenty of American cars from the 1950s. There was also a display of around 30 vintage caravans, some stationary engines and about 35 trucks, some of which are shown below. It was a pretty overcast day, not great for taking photographs. This was the fifth Annual Show and it is held on the first Sunday in October every year at the Recreation Reserve at Cora Lynn.
We took the Volvo with our 38 foot 1976 Freighter trailer. The trailer has just been to Harris Automation Engineering in Dandenong and Victorian Truck Painting, also in Dandenong and it looks fantastic – now all it needs is a new wooden floor and we can then actually use it.

Two 1418 Mercedes Benz trucks. Ours is the red one and the other belongs to Eric Shingles. With these two trucks and the Volvo, the total European Truck Count was three.

Stephen Corstorphan's Diamond T. This truck was the second best looking truck on display, our Volvo being the best, naturally. If we were going to start collecting American trucks, then this is what I would get.

Ken Whitworths newly restored fire engine. It's an Acco butterbox. It looked fantastic.

The J-model Bedford belongs to Norm Nettleton and the International CD1840 belongs to Wayne Henry.

This 1962 AB International belongs to John Denholm. The Atkinson is an early 1970s model with a 8V71 GM. There were three Classic Truck prizes and John and his Inter won one one of them. The other prizes were won by John Ferguson and his KB6, with his Ampol drums on the back and Max Devlin's 1928 Dodge, both pictured below.

Shown below are some of the other trucks and commercial vehicles on display at Cora Lynn.

An R.A.C.V Service truck

Two Chevs, the C60, below, is owned by Peter and Tracy Rochow.

This 1969 F250 Ford belongs Stan Hamilton. It was originally a Shire of Berwick vehicle. The Ford, below, is from 1931.

Warwick Bryce's 1955 Foden

Because blue is my favourite colour, here are some blue trucks. Above is an Acco C1800, owned by Des Judd. In the photograph below the 1958 Nissan is owned by Ray and Lyn O'Halloran and the 1956 De Soto by Sam Capes.

This is a 1975 Dodge, owned by Bill O'Halloran and was originally a New South Wales Railways truck. The banner is advertising the Historic Commercial Vehicle Clubs (H.C.V.C) Display Day on Sunday, November 22 2009 at Sandown Race Course. Don't miss out on this Show, as there are hundreds of trucks on display.

There were about 3o vintage caravans displayed. The unit above is owned by Ian James and is a 1948 Morris Commercial, towing a 1950 home made caravan. The one below is slick, space age looking one.

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