Sunday, December 4, 2016

Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club Christmas Party 2016

The Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club held their Christmas Party today (December 4, 2016) at the Darnum Public Hall. Here are the historic vehicles which were displayed.

This is Rod Calleja's Mack Cruiseliner and McGrath trailer, and because we like the rig, it's shown below as well.

This is the McGrath trailer in more detail.

And we love an action shot - here's the Mack leaving

And here it is again with our 1973 F86 Volvo

And here's our Volvo

Ian and Susan James' 1977 Toyota Stout

Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf

Not sure which is the better photo of Steve Ellis' very original B-model Mack

Ted and Phyllis Bould's Kenworth

Vyn Harris' Kenworth

Eric Shingles' Land Rover

Jeff Shawcroft's International (I think)

Graham Johnston's Dodge - usually immaculate but the grille had an encounter with a magpie on the way down.

Graham and Heather Cameron's 1973 International

Graham and Heather Cameron's Ford Escort van - that's Graham sitting in it.

Ian Benson's Ford Mainline utility

Bob Lee's 1973 Diamond T

John Gramlick's Commer

Graham Young's 1947 Bedford

Finally (and only because I decided to do the trucks in reverse alphabetical order) here is Mike Herbert's 1962 Austin fire engine.

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