Sunday, December 13, 2015

ATHS East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display 2015 - Part 1

The second annual ATHS East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display was held on November 28 and 29 2015 at the Maffra Recreation Reserve. John and I went up on the Sunday - there were maybe 90 trucks, some had just come for the day, other trucks were there on the Saturday and not on the Sunday, so there was plenty to see.  Here are most of the trucks except  the Diamonds, the Kenworths and the Macks. To see them click here.

This is our Benz and two Volvos.

This is our 1974 1418 Benz. I love this truck.

This is our 1986 N10 Volvo

This is our 1989 N12 Intercooler, above - can't believe we only took one photo of the truck, so here it is again, below, taken by Eric Shingles!

This is Dave O'Farrell's recently acquired Atkinson

Another Atkinson

Mike Herbert's 1962 Austin

Bob Needham's 1953 Bedford

TK Bedford

Jim Parker's Bedford

J-model Bedford

Graham Young's TK Bedford and another of his Bedfords is below

Robert Johnston's 1948 OL Bedford

Nice looking Chev

Kevin and Jean Oates 1925 Chev (Photo Eric Shingles)

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer Knocker

Garry Gilcrist's fabulous looking Dodge

Red Dodge 2

Red Dodge 3 - Jeff Johnston's 1929

Green Dodge and tractor

David and Sandra Rickards' 1966 Dodge

Ford LTL

Dave O'Farrells Ford L9000

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford - very neat, he's lovely and so is his truck

Graham Brothers - I think it was a 1925 truck

Red Inter 1

Red Inter 2 - Geoff East

Red Inter 3 (photo Eric Shingles)

Orange Inter 1

Orange Inter 2 - Alan Taylor's Transtar

Green Inter 1

Green Inter 2 -  Barry Donohoe of Heyfield  - because it's so great here are two views of it  (photo below taken by Eric Shingles)

Inter - Transtar 4670

Mercedes Benz - Steve Bragg 1

Mercedes Benz - Steve Bragg 2

Mercedes Benz - Steve Bragg 3

Eric Shingles' 1625 Benz

John Burley's 1949  Morris Commercial;  he had some cars on display as well. As always John  was manning the Gippsland Vehicle Collection tent.

Tony and Glenys Hackett's 1957 REO Gold Comet

John Ziebell's 1983 Scania

Leigh Sheild's 1945 Studebaker

Here are some other military vehicles

Jeff Johnston's Volvo Globetrotter

Neil and Barb's Cook's White

White tipper

Two overviews

This post shows most of the trucks displayed at the second annual ATHS East Gippsland Heritage Truck Display which was held on November 28 and 29, 2015  at the Maffra Recreation Reserve. To see the Diamonds, the Kenworths and the Macks on display, click here

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