Sunday, October 4, 2015

Last of the Chrome Bumpers, Lardner Park Warragul 2015

The Last of the Chrome Bumpers was held at Lardner Park at Warragul on October 4, 2015. There were  around 50 trucks on display plus a multitude of cars - so here are the trucks.

First outing for our new 1989 Vovo N12 Intercooler, with an integrated sleeper.

Mike Herbert's 1962 Austin fire engine.

Graeme Johnston's 1976 TK Bedford

Colin Brown's 1974 KM Bedford

Roger Olsen's 1970 TK Bedford and 1955 McGrath trailer

Kevin and Jean Oates 1925 Chev

Ian Chatfield's 1939 Chev

John Gramlick's 1961 Commer Knocker

Alan McCormack brought this Dennis fire engine on the back of his B-model Mack

Sam Capes' 1956 De Soto

Des and Julie Walker's 1950 Diamond T timber jinker

Fred Love's 1967 Diamond T

Aldo Marson's 1968 Diamond T

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T

Heather Cameron 1965 Dodge

Andrew and Marian Main's 1964 Dodge

Richard Christie's Ford F100

Stan Hamilton's 1969 F250 Ford

Joe Beaumont's 1942 Ford

Jarrod Blair's 1976 Inter Acco

Graham Cameron's 1973 Inter

Jock Crawford's 1974 Inter

John Ferguson's 1949 Inter

Colin Hook's 1981 Inter

Wayne Henry's 1967 Inter

John Nicholson's 1973 Inter

John Staley's 1962 Inter 

John Denholm's 1962 timber jinker

Glenn Lancey's S-line Imter



Vyn Harris' crane truck Inter

Mack Superliner

Colin Brown's 1971 Mack

Alan McCormack's B-model Mack, with the Dennis fire engine on the back

Les Siddle's 1965 B-model Mack and his 1975 F-model Mack, below.

Steve Ellis' B-model - couldn't decide which was the best photo - so here it is twice.

Stan Hamilton's 1946 Maple Leaf

Graham Young's Mercedes Benz 1424

Eric Shingle's 1625 MercedesBenz, above and 1418, below.

Ian James brought along this Morris Commercial and vintage caravan

Tony Hackett's 1957 Gold Comet REO

John Ziebell's 1983 Scania

Two views of the White duo

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