Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sydney Classic and Antique Truck Show 2014 - American trucks

John and I drove up to Penrith to take a look at this show held at the Museum of Fire at Penrith on Sunday June 15 2014. There was around 150 vehicles on display - this post shows most of the American trucks. To see British, European and Japanese trucks, plus some historic fire trucks and police cars - click here.

Only Osh Kosh on display

There were two Seattle cab Kenworths on display - John was on seventh heaven seeing them  - the one in original condition, above, and the very snazzy red one, below.

John Knight's SAR

Red Kenworth

Blue Kenworths

Green Kenworths

W-model Kenworth


Blitz - Chev or Ford?

More Chevs


Chev tow truck

Diamond T

What's this? A Diamond T or a Mack?

A delightful display of Dodges

A Fargo

 A fabulous flock of Fords

The Arnott's Ford and Albion

The final Ford

An interesting collection of Inters

Inter T-line 2670

Many Macks made their way to the show. The one, above, was very nice  a 1942 model.


This is a Republic. The Republic Motor Truck Company began manufacturing trucks in 1913 in Alma, Michigan as the Alma Motor Truck Company. They changed the name in 1914. They were the largest manufacturer of trucks in America in 1918-1919 and produced over 10,000 trucks. In 1928 they were acquired by the Linn Manufacturing Corporation and merged with American-La France in 1929 and became La-France-Republic Corporation. They cold trucks under the Republic name in England until 1931. (Source: The Complete Encyclopedia of Commercial Vehicles)

Here are the Whites

This post shows most of the American trucks. To see British, European and Japanese trucks, plus some historic fire engines and police cars - click here


  1. Heather, the white Kenworth W-Model (OLD900) you have in here is actually an American W900B!

  2. Seems like you and John are enjoying driving around the country to experience truck shows. I know a lot of people who are just as into truck shows like you are. I bet you'll get along with them. Anyway, those historic trucks surely look majestic. Plus, the condition they're in doesn't seem to portray how old they are, yet they look so vintage. Beautiful show! I hope you truly enjoyed that one. Take care! :)

    Darryl Housand @ Haaker