Thursday, October 17, 2013

Last of the Chrome Bumpers 2013

The Last of the Chrome Bumper Show took place at Lardner Park, Warragul on Sunday October 6 2013. Organiser, Dennis Jones, said that there were over 2,000 vehicles on display and 8,000 people came through the gates. You'd have to be happy with that. I only took photographs of the trucks - so here they are, arranged alphabetically, as I'm a Librarian.

Graeme Johnson's TK Bedford. It's got a new paint job - it used to be orange.

 Jim Parker's neat little Bedford.

 Eric Shingles' 1418 Benz. Keeping it in the family, his uncle, Graham Young, displayed his Benz,a 1424, (below)

This is our Benz, 1974 1418.  The best one in the world, even if I do say so myself.

A Chev.

Warwick Bryce's Chev. He brought it on the back of his Leader.

Two Commer Knockers - John Gramlick, above, and Steve Cammilleri, below.

Sam Capes De Soto. I love this truck.

Aldo Marson's Diamond T.

Bob Lee's 1937 Diamond T.

Des and Julie Walker's Diamond T.

Fred Love's Diamond T. This was the first time we have seen it. Fred got it from Frank Marchetti, has had it in the shed for about 35 years and has just restored it. Because we love it so much, here it is again, below.

Bill O'Halloran's Dodge.

Another Dodge.

Glenn Lancey's Dodge.

John Fowler's Dodge.

Mick De Vries' Federal. We hadn't seen this before, so here two views of it. 

 Joe Beaumont's neat little Ford, another truck I love.

David O'Farrell's 1987 Ford Louisville LNT 9000.

Stan Hamilton's Ford.

 This is a Humber Hawk, not a truck, but it belongs to John Burley, who is a member of the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club, of which I am Secretary, so it gets a picture.

John Denholm's International log jinker.

John and Bev Ferguson own this Inter. Always a popular exhibit.

Vyn Harris' Kenworth. He's the President of the Trafalgar Truck Restorers Club.

That's another Kenworth.

 Warwick Bryce's Leader.

Not a truck, a Land Rover. I only put it in as it belongs to Eric Shingles and he's a Benz owner.

1964 B-model Mack, belongs to Steve Ellis.

Colin Brown's 1971 Mack.

Stan Hamilton's Maple Leaf.

Two overviews of the trucks.

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